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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Blenheim. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Blenheim and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Blenheim, ON
Vicinity of Talbot Street West in Blenheim
Basement walls are crumbling apart and on various times we have had water in the basement. the floors are un even. our window well fills up with water every time it rains and then we get huge amounts of water in the basement. the one wall where our laundry in is crumbling pretty bad. 100+ yr old home.
Vicinity of in Blenheim
During last Fridays storm...I made out ok because I had a generator to keep my sump pump running. I don't have a battery back-up. My neighbour has a water back-up system and he had no problems also. I'm looking at the best solution to add as a back-up system to my home. Water back-up or battery back-up??? Not sure what route is the best way to go. Would like for you to come to my home and check things out and give me an estimate on either a water or battery backup system. Call or email me and we will set up a time for you to come out and have a look and give me an estimate.
Vicinity of in Blenheim
We would like our foundation and crawl space checked out. At the back of the house in the far corners there is dipping/sagging. Thanks.
Vicinity of Front Line Rd in Blenheim
Would like for some one tocome out and quote a price for sealing my basement walls. Approx. 70 ' front & a 50' side as your person will see once he gets here.
Vicinity of ST GEOPGE ST in Blenheim
I plane to buy the house next to mine, the foundation does not look good. Would it be possible to get an estimate of cost to repair Lina
Vicinity of Maxwell Street in Blenheim
I would like to get an estimate on my basement.
Vicinity of Talbot St. E., RR in Blenheim
Crawl space inspection and estimate
Vicinity of Victoria St in Blenheim
Have a leaky basement and would like an estimate

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