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Sump Pump Windsor, ON

Problem: This old sump pump had a loose fitting lid, an old pump and was letting moisture, odours and bugs in! The plumbing needed to be fixed, also.

Solution: We installed one of our liners that comes with a lid that lets nearly no air up through it! It is a two-piece lid so that you may have easy access to the equipment inside. The red puck is water-alarm that has a 6" probe into the liner that will sound off an alarm if water touches it. The lid also has a one-way floor drain built in.

Inspector: Cory

Foreman: Justin 

Finishing a Leaky Basement

These Windsor, Ontario homeowners had a leaky basement which was not only affecting the health of the home, but also the enjoyment of their extra living space.

They required a permanent solution to prevent future damage to the home and its contents. 

This home serves as an excellent example of how our products work together for a permanent solution for a wet basement.

These homeowners chose the TripleSafe™ Sump Pump System. This powerful system provides three levels of protection with 2 high-performing pumps and a battery backup pump.

Our team installed a Waterguard system on the leaky walls. This system allows water to drain safely into the new sump pump system. Best of all, this product comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

The wet and mouldy drywall was removed, and we installed Everlast™ Wall Panels. Working with the Waterguard systems, Everlast™ Wall Panels not only look fantastic, they are easy to clean and are inorganic, which will not support the growth of mould or mildew.

We finished off the project by installing the ThermalDry® Basement Floor Systems which are interlocking floor tiles made specifically for basement floors. Each tile is designed to sit on raised plastic pegs, allowing an airspace underneath, and creating a comfortable, warm and dry floor.

If you want to waterproof and finish your basement only once, we’d be pleased if you considered Advanced Basement Systems for the job.  We are pleased to offer you a complimentary inspection and estimate. Please call 1-866-277-1277 or click here to submit your information online

Crawl Space Repair in Windsor, ON

This home was inspected by Cory Lahey. He saw the home needed help in a variety of areas within the crawl space. Our crew went out and installed products to allow this homeowner the ability to have a safe, dry and comfortable crawl space area. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation, Windsor On

Problem: This homeowner was experiencing high humidity in their home, resulting in a damp, musty environment, due to a dirt floor crawl space. The dirt floor crawl space allows moisture to work its way into the entire home.

Solution:  Our crew installed a CleanSpace Liner to keep the moisture from penetrating into the home and applied Spray Foam Insulation for improved home comfort and more efficient heating and cooling.

Inspector:  Bryan

Foreman: Kevin

Tight Crawl Space Project Windsor, ON

Problem: This tight and musty area under the home was starting to cause mould growth on the wood supports. Wood is everywhere inside a home and if it begins to rot due to high humidity and moisture, it can be a very costly repiar. We needed to get to work here right away!

Solution: We cleaned out all the debris of this small space. Then we installed our Clean Space Encapsulation System (the white liner). Once that was installed, our crew came in and spray foam insulated the headers (above the foundation wall where a lot of air leaks get in). The space is now safe and healthy.

Inspector: Tom

Foreman: Bert

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