Leaky Basement Waterproofing In London, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia, ON

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As an experienced waterproofing company with over a decade serving Ontario, Advanced Basement Systems helps homeowners solve their basement problems fast. We are an award winning company that provides the very best waterproofing solutions available.

All of our patented products, like the award-winning WaterGuard drainage channel, are custom designed to fit your home. We install these products exclusively as the authorized dealer in the Southwestern Ontario area.

If you have musty smells, walls that feel damp, or if your basement floods with heavy rain, we can help. Not sure what’s causing your home’s wet basement? Let one of our experts take a look. We offer free inspections and estimates – schedule yours today! Call 1-844-320-1542 or click the button below to send us an e-mail. We service homeowners in London, Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and nearby areas.

Signs of a basement waterproofing problem

Your damp or wet basement can cause more than just a headache; these issues can create bigger problems like mould, mildew, rot, structural damage, and a variety of health problems. If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms below, you might have a basement water problem.

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • crystalline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Leaky basement windows

Custom, proven solutions for a dry basement

Our complete basement waterproofing system includes all the solutions you need for a dry, comfortable, odor-free basement; no matter what’s causing your issues. We offer many solutions for your home, including pumps, basement drainage systems, dehumidifiers, crack repairs, vapor barriers, and more.

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We believe you deserve only the best. That’s why we install a patented proven system developed and tested by Basement Systems, Inc. – the leader in “All Things Basementy!” For your peace of mind, our basement waterproofing system comes with a Lifetime Warranty that is transferable when you sell your home. We also install high-capacity ENERGY STAR rated SaniDry dehumidifiers, as well as whole-home dehumidifier systems from Aprilaire. We have a team of extensively trained basement repair specialists who can work with you to find the best solution for your home’s basement.

Recent Testimonials

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“We had lost a house sale due to the crack.”

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Marge and Ted C. of Tillsonburg, ON

“Came in on time and quoted what you said you would and within a week when I needed you.”

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James P. of Tillsonburg, ON

“Absolutely love the work, and the work area was left spotless.”

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Carol C. of Aylmer, ON

“Very professional!”

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Tom and Sandy S. of Aylmer, ON

“So far very satisfied.”

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Bill and Jayne H. of Port Stanley, ON

“Personable, efficient and good communication.”

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Ralph G. of Port Stanley, ON

“Trust you to do the work because I trust your workmanship.”

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Lois R. of St. Thomas, ON

“Very thorough and knowledgeable.”

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Bill A. of St. Thomas, ON

“Job well done! Satisfied on all levels.”

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Jayden B. of St. Thomas, ON

Before & After
  • Basement Wall Restoration in Chatham, ON
    Basement Wall Restoration in Chatham, ON
    Problem: This home's basement seeped water in and did not...

    Basement Wall Restoration in Chatham, ON


    Problem: This home's basement seeped water in and did not have an efficient sump pump. There was carpet directly on the concrete slab.

    Solution: We installed a perimeter footing drain, a sump pump system with our battery backup, Bright Wall panels behind the laundry sink and Everlast Finished Wall System around the bathroom. Thermal Dry tiles were put down to keep the floor warmer and dry!

    Inspector: Tom

    Foreman: Shawn

  • A Great Option for Finishing Your Wet Basement
    A Great Option for Finishing Your Wet Basement
    Imagine never having to worry about your leaky basement again!...

    A Great Option for Finishing Your Wet Basement


    Imagine never having to worry about your leaky basement again! Consider for a moment never worrying when it rains, the cleanup or the insurance hassles. And also imagine an inviting, clean, dry and usable space in your basement.

    These homeowners in Port Stanley were fed up with their leaky basement: the wrecked floors, the damaged drywall and the constant musty odour. We are so happy to have helped thousands of families solve their wet basement challenges!

  • Wet Basement Cold Storage Area, St. Thomas ON
    Wet Basement Cold Storage Area, St. Thomas ON
    Problem: An unfinished cold storage area is a great place to...

    Wet Basement Cold Storage Area, St. Thomas ON


    Problem: An unfinished cold storage area is a great place to store items to keep cool, such as canned food, even in the warm summer months. Although closed off from the rest of the house, if there’s water penetrating any area, it creates a damp, humid and unhealthy environment which affects the entire home in what is known as “The Stack Effect”.    

    Solution:  We installed a French drain system on the problem walls in the cold storage area, added a powerful sump pump with a battery backup for improved drainage and reliability and finished it off with our BrightWall® rigid basement wall system. Now this cold storage area is dry, heathy and will look fantastic for years to come.  

    Inspector:  Tom

    Foreman: Justin

  • Water Penetrating Through the Floor of a Basement Springfield, ON
    Water Penetrating Through the Floor of a Basement Springfield, ON
    Problem: This home has an unfinished basement that is used to...

    Water Penetrating Through the Floor of a Basement Springfield, ON


    Problem: This home has an unfinished basement that is used to house the laundry and mechanical components of the home; such as the hot water tank, electrical and the heating system. There was considerable evidence that water was penetrating from some of the exterior walls as well as up through the floor of the basement; causing cracks, water to pool on the floor and damage to the systems of the home.  

    Solution: Our team installed a perimeter drain on the leaky walls as well as a trench drain in the problem areas of the floor. We then finished off with some concrete work. Now these homeowners enjoy a clean, dry and safe basement as well as peace of mind knowing that the basement and home’s systems won’t suffer from any further water damage.

    What a transformation!   

    Inspector:  Adam 

    Foreman: Paul 

  • A Healthy and Dry Basement in London, ON
    A Healthy and Dry Basement in London, ON
    Problem:  This older home showed evidence of water penetrating an...

    A Healthy and Dry Basement in London, ON


    Problem:  This older home showed evidence of water penetrating an unfinished basement. The problem has likely been occurring for years. The conditions in a wet basement or crawl space affects an entire home.

    To understand this, let’s first look at how air circulates in a home.

    -         If there is water penetration in your basement or crawlspace, it increases the humidity level in your home.

    -         The lower areas of your home are cooler, and when this humid air warms (when it comes in contact with your heating system and floors, for example).

    -         This air rises throughout your home and escapes through the roof.

    -         More air is drawn in from the outside and up from the lower levels as air vents into the upper levels.

    This airflow in your home is known as the ‘stack effect’.

    The continual high moisture level in your home due to your wet basement or crawlspace is the ideal breeding ground for mould and allergens (such as dust mites). We know from the stack effect that this problematic air is circulating throughout your home.

    This moist air not only affects your family’s health; it also affects the structural integrity of your home, energy costs, resale value and the overall enjoyment of your home.

    Solution: Our products work together to give this homeowner a permanently dry basement:

    -         Perimeter drain – to direct water into the newly installed and superior;

    -         Triple Safe Sump Pump

    -         Moisture levels are kept in check with the extremely efficient, quiet and hassle-free Sani-Dry Sedona Dehumidifier

    -         The inorganic BrightWall Panels not only look great, but they are made of mould and mildew resistant, organic-free material

    Now these homeowners are enjoying a healthier home and a clean & dry basement!

    Inspector:  Rick

    Foreman: Justin

Request a free estimate from your local basement expert in Ontario

If you think you have a basement waterproofing problem, request a professional basement inspection today. We will send one of our certified basement waterproofing specialists to visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s basement foundation.

Advanced Basement Systems fixes leaky basements in Chatham, London, Sarnia, Windsor, Windsor, Stratford, St Thomas, Leamington, Essex, Amherstburg, Strathroy, and nearby areas. Contact us today for a free wet basement repair estimate.

Other companies might try to sell you on inferior basement waterproofing solutions. Our products have been developed, patented, and perfected by Basement Systems®, Inc. -- the world's largest network of basement waterproofing contractors.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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