Work Requests in Chatham

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Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Chatham, ON
Vicinity of Tweedsmuir Ave EAST in Chatham
We have 2 possibly 3 basement windows that require window wells. Thank you
Vicinity of Hillyard in Chatham
Vicinity of Buckingham Ave in Chatham
Have periodic water seepage on two basement walls. Worse with heavy rain fall. Looking for internal fixes not willing to dig up around the house
Vicinity of Robertson Ave. in Chatham
Some water leakage into basement during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Algonquian Drive in Chatham
Back up system has never been set up. Would like to set it up.
Vicinity of Algonquian Drive in Chatham
Back up system has never been set up. Would like to set it up.
Vicinity of BLIND FOURTH LINE R.R. in Chatham
Need a quote for my Dad's home which has 30% moisture in basement walls. Need fixed to sell property. its base rd. between Blenheim and Ridgetown. House is empty - will need to meet there. Please call me.
Vicinity of Orangewood Blvd in Chatham
Two spots in driveway and sidewalk are trip hazards. Looking for an economical solution.
Vicinity of Duff Cres. in Chatham
Have part of driveway that could use lifting back into place around the foundation.
Vicinity of Woods Street in Chatham
I have a crawl space and two of the support posts in the crawl space need to be reinforced.
Vicinity of Willcox St in Chatham
We bought the property asked owner several times if the basement was wet he said no. Within 18 hrs of owning it I had almost 2 " of water in the basement after the heavy rain. Now I have a white powder type substance growing on the floor and some areas of the wall. My insurance and realtor needs to have a professional look at the place and see what's the issue and maybe see if it was an issue before I bought the place that he tried to cover up. And an estimate on the cost to fix so we can either ask the previous owners to pay or take legal actions. I've already had first on site here and he recommended you guys also.
Vicinity of McGuigan Ave in Chatham
Requesting cost on a Sump Pump, Sealing of leaks, indoor/outdoor wheeping tile, asbestos tile removal
Vicinity of Heather Drive in Chatham
Cement patio slabs slope towards house causing water seepagr in basement. Slabs against thr foundation need to be lifted approx. 1 1/2 inches.
Vicinity of in Chatham
I have a water leak in my old basement anmd I think its coming in where the hydro lines enter the house. have tried to repair unsucessfully
Vicinity of Elizabeth St in Chatham
The water in our basement is very minimal......just seepage coming up from the floor. I'm wondering if adding a sump pump would be a potential solution. We really only use our low ceiling basement for storage and laundry.....and with such minimal storage it is annoying to step through water trails any time we need to go grab something. Just wondering what potential solutions there are......and we are also planning to wait until dryer weather to see if it is every time it rains.....or just during high water times
Vicinity of Parkview in Chatham
Hello. during heavy rains i get a puddle of water in the middle of my basement. Not sure where it comes from
Vicinity of Elizabeth Street in Chatham
Steady trickle of water from one corner of the basement under laminate flooring. Has leaked before but not to this extent.
Vicinity of Lancefield Pl in Chatham
I want to get a quotation to fix my sunken and cracked driveway and garage floor.
Vicinity of Michener Rd in Chatham
Sunken concrete
Vicinity of Eugenie in Chatham
I am getting water in my basement. I think it is coming from a crack in the foundation. My sump pump is working but the water is coming from the other side of the room
Vicinity of Edgar in Chatham
Water seepage in basement on all walls
Vicinity of Adelaide Street North in Chatham
We live in an older home with a block foundation. There has always been some moisture in the basement, but there is standing water during the spring rainy weather. We do not use the basement for storage of anything valuable, but I am concerned about mould and the dampness affecting our health and possible resale in future. We would like to know options available for interior solutions, rather than digging up around foundation.
Vicinity of Tweedsmuir Ave West in Chatham
With the last 2 heavy rain fails we have had water in our basement. It is coming in at the base of the four corners. This last rail fall has been the worst. The basment was finished but we have removed the carpet and now it looks like some of the paneling will need to go. We do not have a stump.
Vicinity of Tweedsmuir Ave West in Chatham
With the last two heavy rainfalls our basement has been flooded. It is seeping through the walls and through the floor we need help
Vicinity of Greenfield Lane in Chatham
Sinking existing concrete patio due to erosion.
Vicinity of Glenwood Dr. in Chatham
A concrete sidewalk in front of my house is slanting towards the house allowing water to go down towards the house.
Vicinity of Allen Street in Chatham
Our sump pump, over the last couple months, have been backed up and flooding a part of our basement twice. It overflows in the sump pump and then backs up through our laundry drain. Just looking for options to make sure it does not happen again. Email is the best way to contact me. If you have any openings today or tomorrow that would be great. Thank you
Vicinity of Centre Rd in Chatham
Our house is very old and built on a crawlspace. The floor is sagging in the middle and needs reinforcement.
Vicinity of Chippewa Dr in Chatham
We have minor seepage in a small area in our basement that I would like looked at.
Vicinity of Valley Rd in Chatham
Sections of concrete driveway are misaligned. Concrete walkway to front entrance has shifted and sunk
Vicinity of Chestnut Drive in Chatham
Just moved on Friday Feb 23. Basement was wet, removed all carpet and panelling, it is still leaking. Could someone please come to give me an estimate for repair?
Vicinity of Argyle Cre in Chatham
Small leak in lower basement in 2 places seems to be comming near the window wells
Vicinity of Houston St in Chatham
Leaking basement with water coming in
Vicinity of Orchard Place in Chatham
My basement is letting in water,seems to be coming through the foundation. The foundation is block and is wet to the touch.
Vicinity of Finch Place in Chatham
Cement slab on front of house (porch) has cracked and corner of cement has sunk towards the house. Would like to properly level the cement slab.
Vicinity of Thames St in Chatham
I would like a sump pump and back flow valve (?) installed, and I also have a small leak in the foundation I would like to have repaired. I am hoping to get a quote as soon as you can! Thank you :)
Vicinity of Tweedsmuir Ave W in Chatham
Want to know if/ what foundation issues I might have, and cost.
Vicinity of Northland Dr in Chatham
Waterproof basement walls from the outside
Vicinity of Llydican Ave Ext in Chatham
Looking for options & quote to control dampness in basement. Water seepage during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Glenwood in Chatham
After two heavy rains we had water in our basement. The first one was a large flood that completely soaked the two rooms in our basement. The second one was minor and had a little but of water. We have built up some dirt in some weak spots around the house which have seemed to work a little bit. The concern is for future rains and removing the stress for future floods. The house was built after WW2, structurally it seems sound but obviously water has found its way inside.
Vicinity of King Street West in Chatham
We require levelling/lifting of sunken concrete on back yard patio and as well, the repair of a garage foundation.
Vicinity of DeGraeve Dr in Chatham
Waterproof basement
Vicinity of Forest St in Chatham
Leaking basement... water appears to be seeping through foundation
Vicinity of Sandys St in Chatham
Im concerned about our crawlspace and believe our house isn't leveled in some spots of the house.
Vicinity of River Line in Chatham
Need basement waterproofing Need workshop floor sealing Need sidewalk section lifting
Vicinity of Hudson Dr in Chatham
Looking to get a quote to spray foam insulate our 600sq ft. basement.
Vicinity of Indian Creek Rd West in Chatham
Would like vapour barrier for crawl space and repair of mesh vents. Dirt crawl space, house built in 1965. Have been told by a couple of people that it is a bit wet down there so want to make sure moisture is controlled properly. Curious how much this might cost. 100 sq foot ranch, 1 floor no basement. Thanks
Vicinity of Murray Street in Chatham
Concrete pad, 5X5 est. need one side raised 2"
Vicinity of Eighth Line in Chatham
Basement is leaking with heavy rain
Vicinity of Frobisher Court in Chatham
Need a sump pump and a backup plan
Vicinity of Degge in Chatham
Hi, i have a 1/2 storey house that was built in 1920. The front of the foundation block wall has a 3" crack. And also under the bathroom has sunken around 4". Please contact me at your convenience. Thanks
Vicinity of Dale Drive in Chatham
Hi What is the cost of sump pump replacement in Chatham, ON?
Vicinity of Kensington Place in Chatham
Looking at insulating our crawl space.
Vicinity of Park Ave East in Chatham
Sidewalk sunken, trip hazard.
Vicinity of Kensington Place in Chatham
A corner of the basement in our house is leaking during downpour rain. We'd like to have it fixed. Thanks!
Vicinity of Greenfield Ln in Chatham
We have high humidity in our house, and we are interested in a better more whole house option then a 70 pint rolling dehumidifier. What is the cost and benefits.
Vicinity of Dunvegan Dr in Chatham
Basement wall appears to be seepage coming in. Foundation is not dry walled just painted and paint is bubbling. New to having a basement so unsure what's causing it. Only one wall appears to have issues
Vicinity of Tissiman Avenue in Chatham
My driveway needs the concrete re-leveled.
Vicinity of in Chatham
Sump repair
Vicinity of Cherokee Crescent in Chatham
There is a crack in our foundation and we are getting water in part of our basement. When facing the house the crack is on the right side near the window.
Vicinity of Saugeen Ave in Chatham
Would like to have our back cement raised, every time it rains water runs towards house and creates a pond that eventually leads to water in my basement.
Vicinity of Henry O Way in Chatham
Uneven side walk at front door. Drive way sinking at garage entrance.
Vicinity of Eastlawn in Chatham
Damp crawlspace, would like a price on encapsulating the crawlspace, it is 1700 square ft Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of TAYLOR Avenue in Chatham
We recently moved in to this property on the promise foundation repairs would be done, we don't think they were done well or completely. There are still repairs required, floors are uneven and sloping, there is negative grading along one side of the house and the crawl space insulation is dripping off. Help! Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Greenfield Lane in Chatham
Concrete slab driveway/walkway uneven
Vicinity of Smithfield Circle in Chatham
Driveway and side walk settling.
Vicinity of McNaughton Ave West in Chatham
Leaking basement wall, masonry grout cracks
Vicinity of in Chatham
Water seeping into basement around the edges.
Vicinity of Gateway Walk in Chatham
Lift and level approx 20' of concrete sidewalk.
Vicinity of Beth Cres. in Chatham
I have efforescent on my basement walls. I am interested in getting solutions to get rid of this. Thank-you.
Vicinity of Forest Street in Chatham
I have a house approx. 25x50 with a crawl space that needs insulating as its drafty in winter. was wondering if I could get an estimate
Vicinity of Henry O Way in Chatham
Our sump pump is quite loud, clunking on and off. It's located right below my child's bedroom and I'd really like to see if there imight be a new, quieter and perhaps more efficient sump pump.
Vicinity of Centre Side Road in Chatham
Crawl space has no insulation and 2 walls in the basement have no insulation. Basement has had water in one area.
Vicinity of St. Michael Ave in Chatham
Leaky basement walls, mould
Vicinity of Joplyn St. in Chatham
Looking for sump pump and plumbing replacement
Vicinity of Cramar Cres. in Chatham
On-going water problem. After last week's rain had to lift the carpet and under pad, both of which were soaked, beneath a window to dry out.
Vicinity of Wellington St. E. in Chatham
Honestly, I'm just curious on the rough cost factor involved at insulating my crawl space, it's straight dirt underneath, there are no known issues presently just preventative maintenance or may consider finding the time and putting foam board and vapour barrier under there. Last year was cold at the front of my house and the few bricks still haven't been repaired but thought this would be a resolution to my problem.
Vicinity of Chippewa Dr in Chatham
We have water coming into our basement from the floor in 3 spots. Do you investigate weeping tile systems also?
Vicinity of Carlo St in Chatham
Some seepage visible at floor/wall on one wall.
Vicinity of Thornhill Cres in Chatham
We have used your services before and would like you to come and assess a leaky basement wall.
Vicinity of Lansdowne Avenue in Chatham
We have a sump pump, but would like to replace it. We purchased the house several years ago and the pump is an older model. We are interested in getting one with battery back up.
Vicinity of Kirk St in Chatham
Old home with red brick foundation. Crawl Space (no basement). Trying to sell, but buyers are concerned about foundation. Temporary post under kitchen needs replacing. Need estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Maynard Line in Chatham
Air quality of our single storey house with a crawl space.
Vicinity of Oxley Drive in Chatham
Recently bought this house. Need a battery backup system for the sump pump, contant dampness, starting to see hair line cracks that previous owner may have hidden.
Vicinity of Cumberland Cres in Chatham
We are currently having water issues in our basement. It appears as though water is seeping in, either through the foundation or a window well along the backside of our house.
Vicinity of Riverview Line in Chatham
Would like a free estimate on repairing a crack in our basement foundation where water leaks in.
Vicinity of St. Clair St in Chatham
Crawl Space under the house (about 3-4') with dirt and stone floor consistently has standing water in the low parts. With the heavy rain recent we have water all throughout the crawl space. Hoping to get a sump pump installed if possible and also to check on possible damage or repairs that may need to be done to the crawl space itself.
Vicinity of Bristol Dr in Chatham
Looking for a back up sump pump
Vicinity of Forest St in Chatham
Water seepage in basement under the stairs which I believe is due to hydro-static pressure pushing water through where the foundation meets the floor. Not a ton of water but enough to discourage me from keeping anything valuable in my basement. I was interested in having a sump pump installed to relieve the pressure if that is what the problem actually is. The house is over 100 years old and has a brick foundation.
Vicinity of Glenwood Dr in Chatham
Selling my home. Had inspection done and there is water and mold in crawl space. Looking to have it fixed so I can sell. Need a quote ASAP. Had a buyer that backed out. Thank you
Vicinity of McNaughton Line in Chatham
We have two crawl spaces in our house, one is a very small one under the front bedroom, the other is under an addition at the back of the house. Both areas have floor issues - the bedroom has a bow in the middle of the floor where the cement foundation is, leading me to believe that the front of the crawl space is sinking. The addition has a significant slope to the floor. We recently replaced the front foundation wall due to severe water damage and would like to ensure the rest of the house is structurally sound. Thank you!
Vicinity of Earl Drive in Chatham
Cracks in brick and foundation, no leaks.
Vicinity of Mcnaughton Ave in Chatham
I have a two bedroom wood frame bungalo house with no basement, the house has been settling for the past couple of years at a rapid pace, the floors are noticably uneven the tile in the kitchen is cracked and I believe the house is now on a slant. I was wondering if you guys install floor jacks (dirt under the house) and would be willing to give an estamate or do what is nessasary to the building. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. thank you

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