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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Kingsville. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Kingsville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Kingsville, ON
Vicinity of Heritage Rd in Kingsville
I would like an estimate to repair and add supports in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Talbot Rd in Kingsville
My basement flooded from a sump issue. In opening walls to dry it out we found the front wall and spots in the back wall that have evidence of water leaking. The paint is peeling off the blocks. Insurance will not cover this expense and is waiting to rebuild once the basement is fixed
Vicinity of Lawndale in Kingsville
Sump turning on-off repeatedly and noisy even in drier conditions. Need an annual service and inspection with a recommendation for improvements Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Beech St in Kingsville
We have water seepage on one basement wall when we have a heavy rain..also, have a good size crack in another wall..the floor has numerous cracks and seepage...would appreciate some advice and an estimate..
Vicinity of Saddle Lane in Kingsville
Leaking crack in poured concrete basement wall.
Vicinity of James Ave in Kingsville
We recently did a 3 month radon test and the results came back at 403. We are looking to receive an estimate to have this issue fixed. Regards.
Vicinity of Whitewood Road in Kingsville
Area of the block basement wall shows cracking and slight bowing.
Vicinity of Queen St in Kingsville
I am building a new home on a waterfront, ravine side lot. ERCA is suggesting helical foundations. I am researching to find an answer and found you did this. Can you help?
Vicinity of Division Street South in Kingsville
My front steps have been sinking over the past few years. I'm hoping they can be recovered by getting them lifted and leveled? (reinforce the surface under them, to prevent them from re-sinking?) I'm just looking to find out is it more affordable to do that? As apposed to having them removed completely and have new ones installed...
Vicinity of Malott Ave in Kingsville
Vicinity of Prince Albert Street N in Kingsville
Hello, I have a dirt floor crawlspace in my home. I had plastic down for years and would like a quote on the white vapour barrier installed. Thanks
Vicinity of Patricia Blvd in Kingsville
My sump pump is discharging under the deck. We just purchased this home 6 weeks ago and upon tearing down a rotted deck we found the sump discharging right back into the foundation. I have attached a flexible pipe but am worried that it may freeze in the winter. Until I have a solution I will not be able to finish the deck.
Vicinity of Heritage RD in Kingsville
I would like someone to look at my existing system . Sump pump and dehumidifier .Thankyou
Vicinity of Victoria Ave. in Kingsville
Small leak in poured concrete foundation.
Vicinity of Oxford Ave. in Kingsville
Have a sump pump and a water powered backup unit that is new but not working properly. Would like an assessment on what should be done.
Vicinity of Erie St in Kingsville
Dapm crawl space causing high humidity in home. Want it dry. Small two bedroom home.
Vicinity of Lyndon Way in Kingsville
Need a quote for a bowed foundation wall. I can be reached by phone anytime during the day. I do not have internet access at this time, just bought the place.
Vicinity of Wellington in Kingsville
We have two wet/damp corners in our basement and are looking to get them repaired from the exterior of the home if possible (excavate/membrane etc.)
Vicinity of Heritage Rd. in Kingsville
Hello, I live by the lake and have Cedar creek behind me and have some moisture problems in the crawl space. I also get a lot of cold air from the lake coming up from the floor. I thought some insulation would help?
Vicinity of in Kingsville
Hello - I live a half hour out of Windsor near Essex. I would like to get a quote for a back up system for our basement sump pump. All the drains from around the outside of the house flow through this system and we should have a backup system in place. Please contact me at your convenience and we can make arrangements for visit. Thank you Brian
Vicinity of Sunnybrook Cres in Kingsville
Noticed some moisture in basement along an outside wall. Need someone to come and check it out. Thank-you
Vicinity of Sunnybrook Cres in Kingsville
Noticed some moisture in basement along an outside wall. Need someone to come and check it out. Thank-you Tried calling, but no answer. Would like to set up date/time.
Vicinity of Saddle Lane in Kingsville
Our house is up for sale. A prospective buyer had a home inspection done today. There is water in the finished basement. A condition of the sale is that we reduce our price and she will take on fixing the issue. We would like to find out how much a fix is and perhaps have it fixed by you ourselves as the reduction in price is more than we think it will cost to fix it. We would appreciate an estimate from you as soon as you are able to come and check the townhouse so we can proceed with this issue.
Vicinity of in Kingsville
I have a heated crawl space, plastic dirt cover with sump pump, & closed vents. A recent energy audit recommended I insulate the walls to R-10 to R-20 including the header area. I would like to get pricing on this to start with and possibly go to better incapsulation in the future. I don't want to do anything with the insulation that might inhibit future encapsulation.
Vicinity of Seacliff Dr. in Kingsville
House built in 1925. We are on sandy soil near Lake Erie. We have a shallow basement that seeps water in the spring... sometimes. We thought we conquered the problem but we need help. Also have dehumidifier that either needs repair or replacement. No sump pump. Recently redone septic tank. Thinking of some reonvation of the home including possible expansion of one foundation wall. I would like a consult about possible solutions to keep our basement dry from seepage, and look at dehumidifier options.
Vicinity of Santos Drive in Kingsville
Seems to have some leakage right through the concrete wall about 3 feet from the floor in our basement. Needs a strong wind from the south east driving the rain against the wall to have an effect.
Vicinity of Lawndale Ave in Kingsville
I would like an estimate on a sump pump. Thanks
Vicinity of Thorncrest Steet in Kingsville
We have water in our basement most of the time when we get a substancial rainfall

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