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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Strathroy. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Strathroy and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Strathroy, ON
Vicinity of Charles Blvd in Strathroy
Cost to have our home tested for any levels of radon
Vicinity of Centre Rd in Strathroy
On a property we are looking to purchase the back half of the house seems to have sunk. There are uneven floors both to the back and to the sides of the house. Some repairs seem to have been attempted but we would like a professional opinion and a cost estimate. There is water in the crawlspace. It is an old 2 story home.
Vicinity of Napperton Drive in Strathroy
Would like a quote for exterior foundation waterproofing with new drain tied into existing sump pit and exterior insulation applied. I am also interested in your financing options.
Vicinity of Head St N in Strathroy
The original and newer foundation to the basement are not connected in parts and the dirt between the two is crumbling away in about 50% of the basement. And i need it fixed ASAP.
Vicinity of Darcy Dr. in Strathroy
We think we may have a small crack in our foundation.... There is a little bit of water o. The ground, right where the wall meets the floor, at the bottom of a crack running up the wall.
Vicinity of Katie Lane in Strathroy
I have a leak in small crack in concrete wall in basement. Looking for quote to repair.
Vicinity of Pearson Ave in Strathroy
We currently have water getting into our fully finished basement. We also have some foundation settlement. Please call.
Vicinity of McKellar St in Strathroy
Wet area on basement floor-lowest point
Vicinity of Agnes Drive in Strathroy
See exterior crack in basement wall, minor water leak inside unfinished basement,near sump pump, so problem is not critical, but would like to get it fixed before winter.
Vicinity of Stewart St. in Strathroy
We own a modular home . Previous owners have spread a vapour barrier under the place , and partially insulated the skirt . The tape used to seal the vapour barrier is dried out , and I expect that the poly itself has been punctured by tradesmen crawling on it . We would like to renew the vapour barrier , whatever is necessary , and complete the insulation by spraying to reduce gaps .
Vicinity of Scotchmere Drive in Strathroy
House built in 1880, has sunk in the middle and requires jacking.
Vicinity of Juniper Cres in Strathroy
Damaged concrete due to ground water issue and pumping out large amounts of sand and water. No one else willing or able to help!
Vicinity of Napperton Dr. in Strathroy
Looking for quotation on exterior foundation waterproffing including all excavation and back fill rough grading.
Vicinity of LaMantia Avenue in Strathroy
Water leaking into basement through floor and walls.
Vicinity of Parkview Dr in Strathroy
I would like pricing and availability on have my 3 basement windows upgraded with drainage pipe. Not sure if you do HRV's as well? Thanks
Vicinity of in Strathroy
Experiencing water/dampness in finished basement after it rains. Unsure where water is coming in. Requesting free estimate.
Vicinity of Pannell Lane in Strathroy
Sinking foundation ..rear quarter of attached garage.
Vicinity of Centre Road in Strathroy
My house is 24'x48'and I have no sump pump or tile around my house. The area we live in is all sand.I dont get water in the basement but would like to finish it and not have to worry just in case.So I need a price to dig, put tile in ,sump pump and waterproofing.
Vicinity of Adelaide Street in Strathroy
The property is in woodstock. Need to know how much to install a sump pump?
Vicinity of Willow Crescent in Strathroy
There is some flooding in our basement coming up through the floor from beneath our furnace of all places. It's not a lot but we suspect it will get worse as the water tables in our area continue to rise. We think that a sump installation would be the answer and would like some advice. Thanks Brad & Tina
Vicinity of Glengyle Dr. in Strathroy
We have a cinder block foundation and the water is seeping through. Looking for help to determine the best possible solution. Shawn
Vicinity of Harris Circle in Strathroy
We have a crack in our basement we would like repaired and would love a free estimate ASAP!

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