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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tecumseh. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Tecumseh and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Tecumseh, ON
Vicinity of Meadowland in Tecumseh
Need estimate for basement foundation leak
Vicinity of Lacasse in Tecumseh
I would like some driveway concrete raised. Please contact me by email or phone for an estimate. Thanks you.
Vicinity of North Pacific Ave. in Tecumseh
Water coming in through basement walls. Need drainage.
Vicinity of Kensington Blvd. in Tecumseh
Unheated crawl with vents Looking to improve cold floors in home. Not sure about type of insulation etc.
Vicinity of Candlewood Drive in Tecumseh
A minor-level flood happened in the basement but was dried off by members of the family the same night of the flood, leaving no trail of damage on the surface. However, there is a fear of having mold built up between the laminated floor and the concrete beneath it; and on the inside and/or outside walls. What I need is to get an assessment of the current problem, if exists, and an estimate of the protection services cost required to avoid future flooding and leakage through the walls and basement wall. Thank you.
Vicinity of Shady Spring Cr. in Tecumseh
We flooded last Sept 29th, 2016 (1.5") and had a water restoration company come in and repair the entire basement. We did not flood this past week, as we had a brand new orange sump pump installed. We stayed dry, while about 4 or 5 neighbours re-flooded, so we were very lucky. I was watching CTV news story and they showed a sump system you supply that can add to your existing pump and postion it to pump outside in the event of heavy rain. How much would a like this system cost? What is involved? How long would it take ( hopefully before next Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday the 11, 12 and 13th?) Call us next week at 519 735 9025 with some information.
Vicinity of Wildberry Cres. in Tecumseh
Vicinity of Le Boeuf Ave. in Tecumseh
We have a seepage problem on one area of one of our basement walls. Water comes in during a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Clapp St. in Tecumseh
Estimate for concrete leveling.
Vicinity of St.thomas in Tecumseh
Water coming in through walls
Vicinity of St Anne Blvd in Tecumseh
Crawl Space Moisture/Dampness. -Sandy Floor in Crawlspace. -Furnace in crawl space. -We just did a new renovation/addition last year, and the moisture in the house in ++
Vicinity of Strawberry in Tecumseh
I want a battery backup system to run my 3/4 hp pump, and also have a second pump in case the main one fails. Please contact me by email.
Vicinity of St Marks in Tecumseh
Crawl space insulation.
Vicinity of Shawn Avenue in Tecumseh
Would like radon gas testing done in our basement.
Vicinity of Shawnee Rd in Tecumseh
We had a fire at our house in the summer. Now that we've started reconstruction and the old concrete has been pulled away, the foundation is in bad shape with some blocks crumbling and there are areas where the mortar is gone. We also have issues with poor drainage in the crawl space.
Vicinity of St Marks in Tecumseh
Crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Funaro Crescent in Tecumseh
Sunken driveway where it meets garage.
Vicinity of Selina St in Tecumseh
Current sump failed in a brand new home. Replaced under home warranty. We Would like a quote on an additional sump w battery back up installed in the same sump bucket
Vicinity of Daniela Cres. in Tecumseh
My basement flooded last week and would like to get a quote fro restoration. Please give me a call to arrange time to meet. Thanks!
Vicinity of Amberly Crescent in Tecumseh
Cracks in cement floor, water damage after the flood
Vicinity of Horwood in Tecumseh
Basement flooded for 3rd time have sump pump not sure what else can be done
Vicinity of Meconi Dr in Tecumseh
Vicinity of St. Gregory's Road in Tecumseh
Estimate the installation of back up sump pump and flooded basement restoration.
Vicinity of Lanoue St in Tecumseh
I have a crack in the basement wall which leaks during heavy rains. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Jillian Court in Tecumseh
Have a driveway, sidewalks, and patio that needs levelling, as well as concrete around an in ground pool. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Le Boeuf in Tecumseh
We have had 2 basement floods and dont know why. We have a sump pump that seems to work fine. Nobody can tell us why it flooded and just blames the sump pump. We want to finish the basement (again) but not if its going to flood again.
Vicinity of Coronado Dr. in Tecumseh
Hi there, We are looking to encapsulate our 12 x 30 x 3 ft crawlspace. Thank you
Vicinity of Amy Croft Dr. in Tecumseh
Hi, I have one vertical crack in a poured concrete foundation wall that water leaks through when it rains. House is 12 years old. Looking to repair the crack and stop the water leak. Thank you, Jorge
Vicinity of Meconi Dr in Tecumseh
I'm looking at getting a back up sump pump system installed in my home and what options I have at what cost my sump pump is in my wine cellar with easy access would like a free estimate on Saturday if possible
Vicinity of Brunelle Cresc. in Tecumseh
Levelling the driveway and sidewalk
Vicinity of Cranbrook Cres in Tecumseh
Quote for lifting concrete around house...Also, have 2 cracks in basement wall for possible epoxy injection...
Vicinity of Murray Cr in Tecumseh
Our basement is wet.
Vicinity of Old Tecumseh Road in Tecumseh
I would like an estimate for a radon gas mitigation system in our home as well as an egress window for our basement.
Vicinity of Meadowland Cr in Tecumseh
We have seepage on some basement walls and our sump hole fills at a very rapid rate after little rainfall
Vicinity of Vickery Lane in Tecumseh
We have a standard sump pump that is over 6 years old. We have previously had a wet basement due to pump failure and power loss, and are looking for some peace of mind.
Vicinity of Lacasse in Tecumseh
Need an estimates for bowed wall in basement about 35 feet long and 4 feet bellow grade
Vicinity of Hawk Lane in Tecumseh
I am looking for a quote to replace a failed sump pump.
Vicinity of Edgewater Blvd in Tecumseh
2 low spots (crawl space)
Vicinity of Rideau Pl in Tecumseh
Replace an existing unit
Vicinity of Horwood Crescent in Tecumseh
Leaking Basement
Vicinity of Horwood Cres in Tecumseh
We have a leak in the corner of our basement that seems to leak only when we have a large amount of rain. We would like to know what the problem is and the cost to fix it. Thank you, Joel
Vicinity of Michael Drive in Tecumseh
Water seeping into basement. Carpet wet multilple times. We have removed the dry wall in the area and have found wet wood, mould and a rubber membrane cover an area on the wall. We still have water seeping in... Please contact us and set up a quote time...
Vicinity of Hebert in Tecumseh
Two fold question. 1) How much for an electric backup sump pump installed? 2) How much for question 1 plus replace existing sump pump that is 24 years old?
Vicinity of Hayes Ave in Tecumseh
Cracks occurring horizontally and some vertically along basement cinder block wall foundation.
Vicinity of Lesperance Rd in Tecumseh
I have a cruck in basement fundation and need a repair.Could You contact me for estimate please Thank You
Vicinity of Northfield Way in Tecumseh
I have a poured foundation, however the builder did not plug the form tie holes properly on both the int and ext. I applied hydraulic cement on the interior however really must consider digging up the exterior foundation and apply some form of barrier. This is an ongoing issue and must be resolved.
Vicinity of William Street in Tecumseh
(Crawlspace) Looking for a quote on removing all flooring insulation, repairing or replacing any support posts(if necesary)and installing a vapor barrier and insulation. (Also interested in the sump pump grant if available)
Vicinity of Burlington in Tecumseh
We would like an estimate to repair the foundation in the back sunroom. You can go in the back yard to see it
Vicinity of Docherty Drive in Tecumseh
Crack in the poured cement causing water leak. Please call
Vicinity of Gauthier Dr in Tecumseh
I would like an estimate to install the best back up system that you have available.
Vicinity of Valente in Tecumseh
My basement flooded tonight as a result of sump pump failure. I am interested in the battery back up pump. Joyce
Vicinity of Willow Court in Tecumseh
Would like quote for 1) vapour barrier on crawlspace floor and 2) spray foam insulation (R-23) on crawlspace walls and header.
Vicinity of Elmgrove Drive in Tecumseh
In the process of finishiing my basement. Please contact me asap
Vicinity of Beach Grove Drive in Tecumseh
I would like an estaimate to replace the original sump pump on my 20 year old house. I want to upgrade to a system with a battery back up etc.

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