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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Wallaceburg. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Wallaceburg and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Wallaceburg, ON
Vicinity of Margaret Ave. in Wallaceburg
Concrete block foundation in crawl space vertical cracks and separation.
Vicinity of McKee Road in Wallaceburg
The sidewalk in front of my home is draining towards my house. Over time the sidewalk has settled and I need to have it lifted. Last night I just realized water is seeping in the basement. The side walk is about 5.5 ft wide and 16 ft long. Part of my concrete driveway near the garage might have to be lifted also.
Vicinity of Sydenham Gardens Blvd in Wallaceburg
I would like to have someone give us a quote on our basement. We get a small amount of water when we get a heavy rain in the crawl space side of our basement. We are planning to finish the other side of our basement and want to correct water problems prior to doing so. I am not sure what time's are available however later in the day is typically better for someone to come out. Thank you for any assistance,
Vicinity of Water St. in Wallaceburg
I live in a semi detached home with a crawl space. There are no real issues, except that the floors are cold in the winter. There is nothing covering the dirt, there is a sump pump and a furnace in the crawl space. Can you give me some ideas on how to make this a warmer area. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lawrence Ave in Wallaceburg
Water in basement after a rain on south west corner. also water leak in front of basement on the north east side of building We need these leaks fixed
Vicinity of Murray Street in Wallaceburg
Bought a new house at end of June (After a 3 day heavy rainfall here)Moved in and found water puddles in the basement.
Vicinity of John Ave in Wallaceburg
Water in basement after heavy rain.
Vicinity of Selkirk Street in Wallaceburg
I would just like to know roughly how much it would cost to have my floor joists releveled and resupported
Vicinity of Bishop Rd in Wallaceburg
Musty smell in crawl space,will a dehumidifier work?
Vicinity of John Ave. in Wallaceburg
My mom has a leak in the fruit cellar of her basement. We would like a quote to repair.
Vicinity of River Rd. N. in Wallaceburg
I have 30 x 30 crawl space, house is built on a moist area. I am interested in a quote to for a water proof concrete floor covering the crawl space. Thanks, Amy
Vicinity of Turnbull Ave in Wallaceburg
I already had a quote done on my house. I just want to know how much the Dehumidifier itself costs. I want to place one in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Richardson Rd. in Wallaceburg
Vicinity of Murray Street in Wallaceburg
Looking for estimate on updates to all plumbing in my [over 100 year old] home, along with foundation and crawl space repair. Please leave voice mail or send email with a few possible times. Thanks, Lana
Vicinity of Bruinsma in Wallaceburg
Our den is located in the basement. Our home is a raised ranch. When we get a lot of rain and especially in the spring we always get water in the one corner of the room. We dug down and put a rubber membrane on the outside of the foundation wall, took apart the big "O" pipe that goes along the footings and checked to make sure there was no blockage, along with the drain for the eve. Then before backfilling, stone was put over the drain for the footings about 2 feet high at least to make sure that it would drain away into the big "O" pipe. The only thing that I can think of is it is coming through the upper wall. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Vicinity of Wilson St in Wallaceburg
Mould in basement
Vicinity of Emma Cres in Wallaceburg
I have a very small leak in my basement. It seems to be damp in 2 corners of the basement bedroom and the old carpet was wet and mouldy when we moved in 8 months ago. There is never a puddle or anything, just a bit of dampness, but the underpad was soaking it up and we need to get it fixed before re-carpeting. There is a brick that prevents me from seeing the outside wall. And I cant see any cracks in the foundation on the outside. If you could please email me back and let me know if this is something you can possibly fix.
Vicinity of Sandra Cres in Wallaceburg
Would like to have someone have a look. i have a staircase crack on the rear wall of my house.
Vicinity of Sandra Crescent in Wallaceburg
After reading the testimonials on your website I am encouraged and hopeful that you can help me with water getting into my basement when it rains. I would be really interested in havin gyou come and investigate, diagnose and provide options for me and a free estimate so that I can finally have a dry basement! Thank you Colleen
Vicinity of Dufferin St in Wallaceburg
Looking for a solution to a damp musty crawl space.
Vicinity of Terry Street in Wallaceburg
Estimate on how much and what about mold under the liner and if a flood occurs or pipe leaks? Also payment options.

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