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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Amherstburg. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Amherstburg and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Amherstburg, ON
Vicinity of Hyde Park in Amherstburg
Buckling walls throughout basement Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Beaudoin Side Road in Amherstburg
Water leaks into my ground floor laundry every time we have a heavy rain. Appears to be coming from exterior wall.
Vicinity of Fryer Str in Amherstburg
Leaking basement and cement drive. can work be done from inside?
Vicinity of Alma St in Amherstburg
Basement leaking, foundation needs repair. Looking for quotes. How far in advance are you booking for? Thank you.
Vicinity of in Amherstburg
Sinking Driveway, looking for Polyurothane Foam Injections
Vicinity of Ironwood Drive in Amherstburg
Driveway leveling needed
Vicinity of in Amherstburg
Crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Front Rd N in Amherstburg
Looking to have 2 crawl spaces insulated with spray foam
Vicinity of Richmond Street in Amherstburg
New owners and have observed cracking and settling in our basement foundation block walls (below grade). Home is 35+ years old. Basement is currently unfinished and we want to repair this and waterproof prior to finishing.
Vicinity of Lakeside Dr in Amherstburg
We have a cottage on lake erie that needs some floor joist repair. They are rotting. I think there may be 10 joists to be repaired/replaced. It has a crawlspace with a cement foundation under the cottage
Vicinity of Fairway Crescent in Amherstburg
Looking for a backup sump pump system.
Vicinity of Atlantic Ave in Amherstburg
Seepage through block foundation into basement. High water table during heavy rain caused problem. Would like to have an interior drain system quote
Vicinity of Thorn Ridge Cres in Amherstburg
Last night's storm has caused another flood in our basement. Our sump pump is 1/3 hp. The water around the foundation starts to come out through the walls. The house is about 15 years old. What doesn't make sense is that our neighbour has the same designed home but his sump pump (he claims) never comes on. He never has a flood. Please help.
Vicinity of in Amherstburg
Small amount of water dripping in in front of the drywall ,but on the backside of the drywall not along the wall . Just wanted to know if the outside grade would have anything to do with it
Vicinity of in Amherstburg
We tested our radon and it measures a little high 348bq/m3. We also find our basement is very damp. We are not sure if it is from the sump pump or lack of circulation or both. We would like to feel better about sending our kids to play in the basement. Thanks
Vicinity of Beneteau Dr. in Amherstburg
I have a sump pump, but my insurance requires me to have a battery backup. I also have trouble with the discharge pipe. I work days and I am home after 5pm.
Vicinity of Tilford Lane in Amherstburg
I have a crawlspace that is dry other than normal moisture but dirty and uneven ground. I reinsulated last year and had foundation inspected (good condition). I am looking to encapsule for clean looking purposes . Possibility of selling in near future and it would look nicer if it was cleaned up . Also the entrance to crawlspace is small and does not have a proper door so I would like that corrected at same time. I am looking for an estimate asap.
Vicinity of Howard in Amherstburg
Would like a quote on a crawl space encapsulation systems
Vicinity of FRONT ROAD SOUTH in Amherstburg
I have a crawl space with a defective sump pump. I would like a quote for a new pump. Do you do clean up as well. I had several inches of water. I got the pump to work but now the space needs to be dried up
Vicinity of Bastien Street in Amherstburg
Please call so I can explain. We have been through many pumps. They keep burning out. Have had one major flood 2 years ago. Just burned out 2 more pumps. Need something better if it's available.
Vicinity of David Cres in Amherstburg
We have had some water entering the basement through the wall in a couple of places in the basement. Drainage was a problem but does not appear to be our only problem. There is also a crack visible in the cement block in an unfinished area in the basement.
Vicinity of North St in Amherstburg
Twice in 14 years I've had water in my basement . never before we thought that it was from old window sells so we calked around them , no water until this last rain not sure what the next step is?
Vicinity of Fescue Lane in Amherstburg
Sump pump not working; Not sure if water is flowing into sump pump well. Basement floor has cracks with some water along cracks. Have had minor basement flooding in the past. Please call me at [work] or email to [email protected]
Vicinity of in Amherstburg
We have a Ranch with a big 2500sq foot finished basement we use a dehumidifier for the moisture in the basement but the basement still feels humid and a little smelly. So we would like some information on this SaniDry Unit. Jeff
Vicinity of Lakewood Drive in Amherstburg
I need a quote for a crawlspace restoration; please contact me by email to arrange a site visit as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Atlantic Avenue in Amherstburg
I have a leak in an exterior wall. I would like to get an estimate on repairing the leak.
Vicinity of Illinois in Amherstburg
In removing old panelling in the basement we have come across a ton of black mold in the basement. We realize this needs to be removed and are interested in getting it professionally disinfected as well as identifying an repairing the source of the problem. We intend the basement to be a useful living area and want to finish it fully. We would love your advice on how to proceed! Help! The phone number belongs to a Janet Jackson who is overseeing the property while the mold problem is being investigated. Please preferably contact us by email to arrange a visit to the house.
Vicinity of Allen Court in Amherstburg
Hi, my sump isnt working, in fact when plugged in it kicks out the breaker. I am looking for a new one with a battery backup. what would be the charge? Thank you. Eileen
Vicinity of Fraser Ave. in Amherstburg
Water sepage around entire foundation!
Vicinity of Poplar in Amherstburg
I live in Amherstburg where over 500 basement were recently flooded. I have heard talk of waterproof basement flooring but my husband recently asked at a flooring store and was told there is no such thing. I came across the thermaldry product online and was wondering if this is the product I have heard of. Is there a dealer in the Windsor area? and can you give me an idea of price per square foot? We are not ready for flooring yet but considering possibilities. Thank you
Vicinity of Pacific Av in Amherstburg
Have had a few different estimates and all are different solutions we are now unsure of the right thing for our basement, we actually just purchased this home and just had a four foot sewer flood and then found wall cracks and we think wall seepage, money is defenately tight but we don't need more water in our basement come spring we have a four level side split, 30* yrs old. No sump pump or check valve just the big O which is probably failing ? we also have two very small children, we look forward to your reply
Vicinity of Front Road South in Amherstburg
Hello, we were hoping to have a someone have a look at our basement. We have a pesty leak only when it rains for a full day or more. We are in abit of a hurry as we are trying to sell as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Karen
Vicinity of Stone Ridge in Amherstburg
Can you price the Millcreek Basement Flooring for 600sq feet? Also, what happens if there is water under the flooring? How do you dry the floor?
Vicinity of Lakwood Drive in Amherstburg
I have a crawl space in my home on the Lake. lots of settling has occured since the home was built in 1968.I have Steel I beam installed in 3 pieces that was installed 2 years ago to support twisting joist and tilting pillons. Would you be interested in quoting to firm this up with your jack system?
Vicinity of Front Road North in Amherstburg
I would like to purchase the crawl space vapor barrier for my daughter's house that is being completely renovated(built in 1904) and install it myself.
Vicinity of Atlantic Ave in Amherstburg
My basement wall leaks after a heavy rainfall I would like an estimate on the repair.
Vicinity of Gore in Amherstburg
The house is a 134 years old with a dug out basement ,when I do not know,but the floor seems to be my problem.

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