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High Radon Readings in Amherstburg, ON

Advanced Basement Systems has been testing homes for Radon across Southwestern Ontario and have found a startling trend in Amherstburg.

Chatham, ON - October 17, 2012

Advanced Basement Systems is a basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair,  and radon testing/mitigation company. The bulk of their work is in the waterproofing business, though in recent times through their radon division, National Radon Defense, they have uncovered some uncomfortable results in the City of Amherstburg.

Radon gas is naturally produced by decaying uranium in the soil, its health risk is lung cancer. It kills over 20,000 people a year and during the winter radon concentrations are up to 10 times higher. A low dose of radon over a long period of time is worse than a short time with high levels. Crawl spaces allow the most radon in as the floor is simply dirt. Sump pumps, floor cracks and drains let in radon into homes also.

Mike Modde is the Certified Radon Mitigation Technician for the National Radon Defense division and his job includes installing and reading results from radon tests that have been put into homes. The most common test purchased is a CRM (continuous radon monitoring), which provides very accurate results over a 72 hour period.

"We've been doing more tests than ever over the last few months and our readings in London and Chatham haven't been too bad, but in parts of Windsor and Amherstburg radon levels seem to be sky high", noted Mike after his last test this week in Chatham. "People need to be proactive and have a CRM test installed, really in any home, but especially if you live in Amherstburg."

Health Canada has been in touch with Advanced Basement Systems more than once regarding doing work in Ottawa, as the radon levels in our capital seem to also be very high. Advanced feels it's only a matter of time until the government starts to make radon a public issue much like it is in the USA.

Homes may need to have a test done in order to sell, business could need a test periodically and sump pumps will more than likely have to be sealed. Advanced Basement Systems has been offering sealed sump lids and crawl space encapsulation services for over 10 years, which is why they got into the radon gas business, and after nearly two years of doing mitigation and testing services, they still can't believe how unaware the public is of the deadly radon gas.

For more information about Radon Gas and what can be done if you do test with high levels, visit or call 1-866-277-1277 to speak with service.


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