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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Belle River. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Belle River and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Belle River, ON
Vicinity of Woodland Crescent in Belle River
Looking for a quote to lift cement and level an area on our driveway/walkway to the front door.
Vicinity of Oakwood in Belle River
I bought a combination primary and backup sump system and I need a installation service. Would you give me a quote please. Thank you.
Vicinity of Huntington Blvd in Belle River
Looking to put in a egress window in the basement.
Vicinity of Optimist St. in Belle River
I have a 1200 Sq ft ranch home with a full crawspace. the center portion of the house has settled and the floors are sloping toward the middle. Id like to get an estimate on possibly jacking it back up and supporting it so i can start with interior renovations. thanks
Vicinity of Pierella Drv in Belle River
I would like to install a good sump pump I need the peace of mind not getting folded again.
Vicinity of George Kennedy Way in Belle River
Poltlevel quote for driveway & sidewalk lift
Vicinity of Kilrea Ave in Belle River
Garage foundation concrete shifting
Vicinity of Lilydale Ave. in Belle River
Crawl space is damp and concerns re mould or pollens causing allergies Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Southwood Dr in Belle River
We need sidewalk concrete lifting around the house and fix the concrete stairs on the front porch (they are cracked and the water gets undernith, in the cellar.) Please let us know if you are available to come see and give us an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Charron Beach Dr. in Belle River
Home inspection on a house I'm considering purchasing in Windsor revealed dry rot on joists and beams. Front of house is sagging. Need a quote on jacking, replacement of dry rotted structure and ventilation/prevention. Timing for job is not critical, but quote is as the trasaction is on hold until cost to fix is properly ascertained. Thanks
Vicinity of Maxwell Crescent in Belle River
Looking to finish my basement. I have had issues with the original sump pump which has lead to water in the basement. Looking for a better system. I am interested in a quote for one of your systems. Thanks in advance, James
Vicinity of Southwood Dr. in Belle River
I would like to receive a quote for lifting and leveling two concrete slabs of my driveway, right in front of the door stairs.
Vicinity of Strong Road in Belle River
We have a ranch with a crawl space and would like a quote to have it insulated and vapor barrier
Vicinity of West Puce Rd in Belle River
Sump outlet obstructed and water can't get away.
Vicinity of in Belle River
House built on crawl space with a renovated garage on slab. At the corners of the house the concrete blocks are crumbling away. Lots of moisture in the crawl space. Would like to have moisture issues in crawl space remedied as well as having foundation repaired.
Vicinity of Royal Cres in Belle River
I just bought my house and there is a bit of water coming in my crawl space and I would like a free quote on sealing it.
Vicinity of Beechwood Dr in Belle River
I have a very wet carpet, baseboard and drywall in a basement bedroom.
Vicinity of Martin Drive in Belle River
We moved into the house 3 years ago - the basement was finished and appeared to be dry. There is now a leak in the bathroom - outside is where the pool equipment was installed and the sprinkler system controls are located. There is some mould near the toilet but water has trickled along the floor out into the unfinished storage area. Looking for some direction on repair with minimal tear up to finished walls and pool pump pad.
Vicinity of Seventh Street in Belle River
Water is coming in underneath a basement window and there is also a eaves pipe drain coming down same area on outside wall. water is seeping where the trim is on the floor.
Vicinity of Notre Dame St. PO Box in Belle River
Crawl space dirt floor not insulated and wet.
Vicinity of Maple Leaf Court in Belle River
Our patio has sunken and needs to be raised since water now runs towards the house. There is a musty smell in the summer in one of the rooms in the basement. I would also like to know our options when we replace the carpet in the basement, i.e. insulation and waterproofing of the floor. Would also like information about radon gas.
Vicinity of Lalonde St in Belle River
Hi: I have a block basement, with cracks and high humidity. Need a quote.
Vicinity of St. Simon in Belle River
We need to get rid of the musty smell coming from our basement/crawlspace/fruit cellar??? Not sure of source. Do have water in blocks of one corner of our fruit cellar periodically.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Park in Belle River
My crawl space has taken on water in the recent heavy rains. I would like a free estimate on waterproofing it. Ken
Vicinity of King Louis in Belle River
I do not want an on-site estimate at this time. I am looking for pricing on an upright sani-dry. Not sure if I want it as a stand alone or not. I have your brochures on dry-basement science. Just trying to get an idea of what is available and what price range I will be looking at. When I am ready, I will submit for an onsite. Thanks
Vicinity of Parklane in Belle River
I have a short foundation corner at the rear of the grage end of my ranch home that has settled causing cracking in the brick on the outside.
Vicinity of Broadway St in Belle River
I'm looking for a free estimate and inspection on my basement and sump pump installation. Thank you.

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