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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Corunna. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Corunna and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Corunna, ON
Vicinity of Oakdale Ct in Corunna
Small amounts of water (perhaps several litres) show up after heavy rains. It has also caused damage to a finished bedroom. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of in Corunna
Slab of concrete (10' x 10') from under a shed is sloped too much to the south east ... we need it raised approx. 1/2"
Vicinity of St. Clair Parkway in Corunna
Would like sump pit enlarged and back-up system installed
Vicinity of Paget St. in Corunna
I Have basement seepage on 2 walls in my basement the driveway wall in the sump pump space and the back wall.My pump has been running none stop since yesterday.My basement is completely finished with wall board and carpeted I would like a quote to see if anything can be done. Thank You .
Vicinity of in Corunna
Our basement flooded with about 4 inches of water.The basement is not finished.We need to have the problem resolved so it doesn't happen again in the future.We live just outside of sarnia and need this done ASAP.Please contact us
Vicinity of Bentinck in Corunna
Need a dehumidifier for the basement.
Vicinity of Bentinck Dr. in Corunna
I live in a home about 8 yrs old. The current sump pump seems to work well, however I am looking to de-risk my Vulnerability. Thinking of a secondary pump with battery back-up that would function up to 12 hrs. Would like a quote from your company.
Vicinity of Meghan Crt in Corunna
I would like an estimate on covering the window wells for 3 basement windows that we have, in the past we have had water issues when the wind and the force of the rain comes in a certain direction, when I cover the south window the issue does not exist
Vicinity of Hill Street in Corunna
The weeping tiles around part of our home don't appear to be working properly and allow a small amount of water to enter certain areas of our basement. I'd like to arrange to receive an estimate for repair/replacement. My office number in London is , but the most reliable method is by e-mail.
Vicinity of Bentinck Street in Corunna
Please call for an estimate this is a home I am wanting to sell And would like a repair that is economical but effective
Vicinity of Cass Court in Corunna
I am looking for a battery back-up for my existing sump pump....
Vicinity of Beresford St in Corunna
Hello, I am having problems with my basement leaking every time it thaws. We can see where parts of the water are coming in. Would like a quote on possible solutions. Perhaps having to dig down and put a membrane around the corners of the house. Thanks
Vicinity of Bentinck St. in Corunna
I would like to get a back-up sump pump. I believe I prefer a water siphon type rather than the battery type.What do you have in these two types.I am limited for space as the sump hole is only 14 diameter.Presently I have a submersible
Vicinity of Parkdale Cres. in Corunna
Looking for a quote to waterproof my foundation
Vicinity of Sandstone Street in Corunna
Hello, I live on the banks of the St.Clair river and have a detached, 2-storey garage, with a lower walkout basement built into the side of the hill. Unfortunately, it's built on a geological fault or slip line and I'm losing 1 - 2" per year as it moves toward the river. I'm interested in a quote to save it. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brentwood Cresent in Corunna
I have recently experienced ground water after extremely heavy rains (today) entering along the cement floor/foundation in one area of the finished basement in my raised ranch house. There is no sump pump with this building. I would be interested in a consultation as to possible causes/solutions to resolve the problem. You are likely very busy today. I can be reached at the above phone number. Thanks for your quick response.
Vicinity of Ashwood Crt. in Corunna
We have a room in our basement that has been repaired in the past and is now again leaking water when it rains. We are looking for an estimate of the services you offer for both fixing the leak and flooring in the basement area.
Vicinity of Albert Blvd in Corunna
Looking for a pirce on a battery back-up and or water driven sump pump back up for my house.

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