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Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Sarnia, ON
Vicinity of Cotterbury St in Sarnia
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: foundation repair. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Passingham Dr. in Sarnia
Looking for a quote to discuss and potentially update my current sump pump system.
Vicinity of Nelson Street in Sarnia
Wanted to inquire about getting a free estimate in regards to our floors. In a specific area of our house they are bouncing and shifting when walked on. In some spots they feel very unstable. Wondering what we would be looking at cost wise and what options we have to go about fixing it. Thank you!
Vicinity of Confederation St in Sarnia
Basement is very humid and damp, small amounts of water come in after heavy rainfalls. Looking to start renovating it into a living space and will be carpeting the area, however would like to fix the water/humidity issue first to avoid mold and to improve air quality and get rid of the unpleasant smell.
Vicinity of Davis Street in Sarnia
Leak in corner of basement
Vicinity of Sole St in Sarnia
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Vidal in Sarnia
Cracked/bowing foundation, wet spots on basement floor
Vicinity of Kensington Blvd in Sarnia
I am needing to change a 25 warranty from the previous owners to our names Deb Cresswell Rick VanDenBerghe Thanks
Vicinity of Maxwell Street in Sarnia
Have had water come in at 2 different corners. Have replaced the eaves and it is still happening. Think it needs to be dug out from the outside :(
Vicinity of Mack Ave in Sarnia
Seepage after rain in North east corner of basement
Vicinity of Mayfair Dr. in Sarnia
Driveway has sunk towards house causing water seepage into basement
Vicinity of Devine St in Sarnia
I have one corner of the basement which leaks when rains heavy or now as the snow melts. Need a free quote.
Vicinity of Marcin Rd in Sarnia
Basement water pooling in one corner after weather warming / high rain. Unsure of exact cause. Would like cause investigated
Vicinity of Ascot Circle in Sarnia
Leak in foundation from crack
Vicinity of Bright Street in Sarnia
Water leaking into basement south and west sides.
Vicinity of Stathis Blvd in Sarnia
Hi, I would like a quote to install an dehumidifier in my house in Sarnia. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hagle Street in Sarnia
We have a cold room under our front concrete stairs... it gets damp, and we can't use it because everything gets mouldy that gets stored in there. We would like to utilize this space and use it for storage. Can you help?
Vicinity of Leckie Dr in Sarnia
Had some mold growth on a baseboard, had plumber come to check pipes they were fine, could be water from foundation.
Vicinity of Finch Dr in Sarnia
Sidewalk along house needs raised
Vicinity of Lakeshore Road in Sarnia
Concrete driveway has sunk to uneven levels over the years and slopes toward the house now. Also some uneven concrete walkways.
Vicinity of Walnut Ave North in Sarnia
Crawl space jacking up house
Vicinity of Greenbriar Trail in Sarnia
We have a leaky basement bedroom that needs repair asap. Can you please assist.
Vicinity of ROGER STREET in Sarnia
I need some advice on what I can do or what needs to be done with some water runoff around my home. Please help!!
Vicinity of Nottingham Dr in Sarnia
Vicinity of Michigan Ave in Sarnia
We have an existing/ very old sump pump, which has an extremely small basin. looks like prior home owner may have done it them selves. I'd like to look at increasing the basin size, with a closed system. The one now STINKS. currently there is not even a check valve so when it pumps out, half comes back in. Also there are two french drains maybe? that collect water in the stair well that then runs into the house and pumped out through the sump. CAN of WORMS in general and would like to fix.
Vicinity of Charlesworth Drive in Sarnia
Looking to get my crawl space under the house updated and was looking to get a quote for this.
Vicinity of Pineview Ave in Sarnia
Water in basement, need to know where it's coming in and how much to fix it
Vicinity of Overlea Crescent in Sarnia
Water leaked into basement during heavy rains last week. It appears that there is a crack in the foundation wall where the leak occurred.
Vicinity of London Rd in Sarnia
Looking to receive a quotation to raise a sunken concrete slab underneath my patio
Vicinity of Huxley Avenue in Sarnia
Have water coming in the basement along one wall when it rains. Unable to find a specific source - I'd like someone to come out to have a look at it and give me a quote.
Vicinity of Egmond Drive in Sarnia
I have water entering my garage. I would like an estimate to install a drain. Please call me to set up a time. I tried your phone number. It rang several times and then disconnected. Thank you
Vicinity of Fort in Sarnia
Need to lift sunken sidewalks and small kiosk building
Vicinity of Devine St in Sarnia
Water comes in after heavy rainfall
Vicinity of Fairview Place in Sarnia
Settling foundation, cracking brickwork, shifting/torqueing door
Vicinity of Joel Park in Sarnia
Hi, I own a slab home in Sarnia with radiant heat. Some of the homes in the area have settled including some settling to my own. I am interested in knowing if cutting off my radiant heat source and converting to forced air would cause any issues like the potential for further slab settling. I also am interested in knowing if there is anything that would need to be done to my slab that could protect it from further movement or anything I could to to repair any damage if needed. Thanks, Kevin
Vicinity of Esser Crescent in Sarnia
Water in spring ..but not every year seeps through in basement and I suspect rises through parts of floor. Your French drain system and waterproofing would seem to be a solution
Vicinity of Davis St in Sarnia
My Bathroom floor seems soft and want to make sure its not the structure / foundation -- Can we do it Friday June 1st at 10 am ??
Vicinity of Leopold Drive in Sarnia
Foundation issues on one side of home- some water gets in when it rains... need some advice on how to repair.
Vicinity of Trudeau Dr in Sarnia
Leaky basement needs repair
Vicinity of Brock Street South in Sarnia
Purchased a house and want to make the basement space usable. Looking water sealing the basement walls. Please call me for more details. Look forward to your call.
Vicinity of Devine Street in Sarnia
Basement window wells letting in water to basement causing seepage would like to get a free quote for work needing done Thank you.
Vicinity of Blackwell Rd in Sarnia
Looking for ideas/quotes to deal with drainage around my house. Call or email anytime. Brad
Vicinity of Sylvan Court in Sarnia
Vicinity of Virgil Ave. in Sarnia
Need an estimate for water leak in basement.
Vicinity of in Sarnia
The basement is leaking between the cement floor and the block wall
Vicinity of Bradford Drive in Sarnia
I want to look into installing a sump pump backup system and my options. I have the kit for battery backup I bought quite some time ago.
Vicinity of Trudeau Dr in Sarnia
I have a crack in my basement foundation wall that was injected in the past. I dont think it was done correctly as it has never held properly. I would like it looked at for a proper repair
Vicinity of Grey Cres in Sarnia
I have water leaking in right behind a gas fireplace in a (finished) basement. It has been particularly bad this winter due to the snow/thaw/snow/thaw routine we've been getting. The ground is saturated and it has nowhere else to go, so that's why I believe it's the foundation, and not the roof/chimney. I have a vapor barrier on one side of the house, but not in the backyard. The fireplace is in the corner beside the backyard and vapor barrier wall. I would like to get some ideas and prices on fixing something like this. I look forward to your reply. Regards, Brad.
Vicinity of Marcin Rd in Sarnia
We have a crawlspace that has a sand bottom and we are concerned it is not sealed well to outside concerns. We would like to use it for storage but worried critters could get into our things. Also concerned about the dampness and potential for mould. We are interested in someone coming out to have look, get their thoughts, and an estimate.
Vicinity of Woodward Crescent in Sarnia
I'm hoping to get a quote for spray foam insulation in my basement. Thanks Mark
Vicinity of Wellington St in Sarnia
Crawlspace needs spray foam insulation
Vicinity of Hunt in Sarnia
We are looking for a quote for a basement. Thank you
Vicinity of Forest Hill Court in Sarnia
One of concrete block of My driveway has sunk by around 2 inches. Can you please send me quote? How much is life of polyurethane based lift? Thanks
Vicinity of Norfolk Ave in Sarnia
There is water leaking in the basement when it rains. Seems to be coming from the concert part of the basement.
Vicinity of Northville Rd in Sarnia
I have purchased an old home in petrolia. i would like someone to tell me if the basement needs more support or if it has already been repaired, kitchen floor is very sloped and needs to be levelled. also wondered about waterproofing the basement as the house sits in a hill and there are several additions to original house. please call .
Vicinity of Admiral Ave in Sarnia
I have two areas of my basement that are leaking water in when it rains and downpours severely. I also have a fruit cellar that leaks water in as well.
Vicinity of Maxwell in Sarnia
Vicinity of Treewood Cres in Sarnia
I have had some water damage in my basement, after investigation, it appears have a leak in my foundation. I would like to see what we would need to do, to fix it.
Vicinity of Twin Lakes Dr in Sarnia
Water. In basment
Vicinity of CONESTOGA DRIVE in Sarnia
Quote on sump pump back up only please. Thank you,
Vicinity of Willa Drive in Sarnia
Basement 16x16 ish. Currently has styrofoam as a barier. Looking for a spray foam
Vicinity of Cobden St in Sarnia
Leaky basement in rental property. Dampness in basement.
Vicinity of Ron Bolt St in Sarnia
Have sinking concrete driveway slab to be leveled
Vicinity of Indian Rd. North in Sarnia
Rain and melted snow......water in the basement cos the level of broken driway goes against the house, and maybe a blockage in the foundation wipping system...Im not an expert but the house is 64 years old.
Vicinity of Cobblestone Crescent in Sarnia
Concrete patio slab is draining to house
Vicinity of Bradford Dr in Sarnia
Cracks in parging would like to have looked at.
Vicinity of Mitton Street South in Sarnia
My mother's house has a very small addition on it that has started to sink due to a water leak in the crawl space. The leak has been fixed but it was discovered there was no foundation upgrades done to support the foundation when the addition was done. It would be nice to be able to add some support and get the extension lifted back into place without having to tear down and rebuild.
Vicinity of Ronald Bloore Drive in Sarnia
My water driven back-up sump pump is not working. I am looking at pricing a battery back-up system.
Vicinity of London St in Sarnia
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Aberdeen Avenue in Sarnia
Water seeping into basement. Musty smell. Renovating entire basement. Can see water after every rain.
Vicinity of Stuart Street in Sarnia
Looking for a quote to eliminate an efflorescence problem in the basement and repair the wall that has decayed.
Vicinity of Maplestone Ave in Sarnia
Concrete, poured in place, Stairs/landing need to be raised.
Vicinity of Paget St in Sarnia
We have a section of our foundation that needs repairing due to minor leakage. Has caused some mold issues.
Vicinity of Hollands Ave in Sarnia
The concrete next to my house needs attention - may need to be jacked?
Vicinity of London Road in Sarnia
Cracks in walls, cracks in slab, jamming doors, unlevel floors. Foundation walls are in decent shape. Appears to have been on ongoing issue for years based on past apparent patch jobs (I have only owned the home for 2 years). Would like an estimate for cost to prevent further "sinking" or whatever the cause of the problem is. Thank you!
Vicinity of Rosedale Avenue in Sarnia
When we bought this house (11 years ago) a joist had rotted away (from water leaking from a fridge). Our contractor fixed it by bridging it with 2 x 4's. as best he could. The floor is a little soft where the repair was made and the floor isn't level. It would probably be worse had there not been walls built in the basement to wall off the laundry room and the furnace room. Now, after having been out of province for over a yea, I see that the floor is worse and cracks have appeared where the ceiling and walls meet in the master bedroom. I want to have the joist fixed, the floor levelled, and the two walls removed between the laundry room and the furnace room..
Vicinity of Hanna Cres in Sarnia
Wall leaking on 15 foot wall in unfinished area of basement
Vicinity of Crescent Drive in Sarnia
We found a crack in our foundation and would like someone to look and give an estimate to fix. Thanks
Vicinity of Errol Road E in Sarnia
Would like to get an estimate on the installation of structural support in my basement.
Vicinity of Lancaster Ve in Sarnia
Radon test at residential home -price
Vicinity of Cromwell Street in Sarnia
We have two issues: First we have a crawl space that is below our main floor bathroom and laundry room, it has settled (hopefully no more settling) this space is cold, dirty, musty I don't know about water. I would love to see this all covered, insulated, and or whatever else to make this space warmer and keep put bugs and rodents, and more so help with temperatures in the bathroom and laundry room. The rest of the basement does see water however I am uncertain where it is coming in but the basement is always musty smelling etc. I would like to see this space to be a little more usable as my kids and myself don't go down there due to allergies at this time. There is no sump pump either which maybe we need but maybe we don't?
Vicinity of Remington Crt in Sarnia
Need an estimate for Battery Backup Sump Pump .
Vicinity of London Line in Sarnia
My mother house has a dirt floor crawl space and would like an estimate to seal it
Vicinity of Tawny Rd in Sarnia
Need quote on basement cracked motor wall
Vicinity of Kathleen Ave in Sarnia
Would like an estimate To install a sump pump
Vicinity of Hazelwood Crt in Sarnia
Cement is sinking on the driveway and our back patio.
Vicinity of Nelson St in Sarnia
Vicinity of St. Vincent St. in Sarnia
I have sand in parts of my basement and would like to have it covered so it looks clean . I am also open to suggestions. I would like an estimate so let me know when you could come. Thank you . Mrs. Peters
Vicinity of Amsterdam Crt. in Sarnia
Vicinity of FINCH DRIVE in Sarnia
Hi, I am looing to fix sunken concrete slab in my backyard. Please give me your quote to enable me to proceed further. Thanks
Vicinity of Nassau Cres in Sarnia
Some minor leaking near along about 6ft of our baseboards/carpet in our basement.
Vicinity of South Lansdowne Ave in Sarnia
Water seepage after heavy rain, south side of house through fireplace
Vicinity of St Laurent Dr in Sarnia
Cement walkway around Inground swimming pool is sloping towards pool and seems to be sinking, also cement patio sinking
Vicinity of Evergreen Lane, in Sarnia
North wall in basement must be leaking. Basement flooding.
Vicinity of Driftwood Avenue in Sarnia
Water appears to be seeping in basement floor and foundation wall Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Huron Shores Drive in Sarnia
Dampness Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Trudeau Dr. in Sarnia
3 concrete slabs each roughly 10x10 all sloping towards house.
Vicinity of Confederation Street in Sarnia
We have a leak in our new residence and we would like a quote. Call or email to set-up an appointment.
Vicinity of Devine Sr in Sarnia
Sunken patio causing some seepage in basement.
Vicinity of London Rd in Sarnia
Basement of a five unit apartment building. Water is coming in from somewhere in the foundation. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Augusta Blvd. in Sarnia
Price to raise concrete sidewalk. Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Norman Street in Sarnia
Patio and side walk need to be raised, if possible
Vicinity of Mayfair Dr in Sarnia
Would like to get a quote to repair basement cracks
Vicinity of Lakeshore Rd in Sarnia
Would like an estimate to level a lakeside patio.
Vicinity of Marcin Road in Sarnia
Water is coming in my basement. Not a flood or anything like that ,but still water in a corner. Could you come out and quote me on a repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Ontario Street in Sarnia
Leaking basement wall, not proper drainage in driveway.
Vicinity of Ronald Bloore Drive in Sarnia
Concrete door stoop is sinking and separating from wall
Vicinity of Thurston Road in Sarnia
Old basement. Looking to eventually build 2 bedrooms. Need windows that allow exit in case of emergency. Cement blocks have been painted in past. Paint is peeling. Water damage / leak with recent heavy rain. Estimate needed. May need to save up for project. Thank-you.
Vicinity of in Sarnia
Possible mold in offices
Vicinity of Dufferin PL. in Sarnia
One side of driveway first pad about 3-4" from curb should be brought up about 3-4" sp to allow proper drainage
Vicinity of Bristol St in Sarnia
Water leak in basement from foundation somewhere
Vicinity of Shepherd St in Sarnia
Home has a small amount of water coming in SE corner of the basement. We are currently are trying to sell it and would like to get it looked at ASAP.
Vicinity of Fleming Street in Sarnia
Hi, I'm interested in putting a floor in our basement, and just sealing it up.
Vicinity of Lakeside in Sarnia
There is a spot where water is getting into the basement under the back stairway. Im afraid there will be mold behind the stairs.
Vicinity of Meadowlark Lane in Sarnia
Would like an estimate on installing a battery backup sump pump system.
Vicinity of Forest Hill Court in Sarnia
Our concrete patio has sunk approximately 1" to 3" . The 3 slabs that have sunk adjoin the house . The sizes of the 3 slabs are 11'6" x 6' ,10'6"x 6' and 8'6"x6' .The smallest slab has sunk the most at 3" . The concrete patio was poured in 2007 . Could you please give me a quote .Thanks .
Vicinity of Wheatley Dr. in Sarnia
Level and grade concrete walkway along north side of house from driveway to garage entrance.
Vicinity of Prestwick Crescent in Sarnia
I am currently going to be placing my home for sale and I had an issue with water previously. I would like someone to come and take a look at the basement to see if there is any work that needs to be completed prior to the home going on the market. As soon as possible, please. Kind Regards, Anna
Vicinity of Passingham Drive in Sarnia
Cove joint seepage. We noticed a bit of moisture on our carpet by the wall in the basement. I checked under our deck where we have a window and it appears to be dry. Moisture is only at the bottom of the wall. If you could call me to chat, that would be great!
Vicinity of Rosedale Ave in Sarnia
Would like options on how to insulate crawl space under addition.
Vicinity of Cathcart in Sarnia
Looking for APPROX cost per foot to have the inside of our basment trenched out. We have a block wall that is seeping
Vicinity of O'Rave Ave. in Sarnia
Both sidewalk (and front door steps) along with the driveway, have over time sunken and front door steps are too low, and the driveway does not slant away from the house as much as it should.
Vicinity of Trudeau Dr in Sarnia
Small leak in basement may need repair,waterproofing
Vicinity of Webster Drive in Sarnia
We recently purchased this house and just moved in. There are cracks in the brick and would like to have someone look at the foundation to determine if there are any structural concerns.
Vicinity of Bond St in Sarnia
I am planning to build a 3 season room 20' x 20' supported by 9 or more sono tubes or helical type piers in sandy soil. Any information, suggestions or budgetary pricing would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
Vicinity of Wiltshire Dr. in Sarnia
Water leaking into basement at floor/wall level
Vicinity of Aspen Ct. in Sarnia
Looking for an estimate on radon gas testing in my home. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cassandra Blvd in Sarnia
Estimate on repairing crack in baement wall
Vicinity of Maria Street in Sarnia
We are a storage area in our basement that seems damp. Now that we just had a heavy rain for a few days, there was water on the basement floor that seems to be coming from the outside east wall.
Vicinity of Wespencer Gate in Sarnia
Hi. I was interested in getting a radon test done for my house. I am not sure what is involved or the cost for the testing. Please let me know if you need any other info. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lakeside Dr in Sarnia
I need a highly reliable sump pump system which includes multiple pumps, backup power or water power and multiple level swirches. Can you please provide quotes foe a couple options. Thank you John
Vicinity of Cecil in Sarnia
Uninsulated crawl space with dirt floor
Vicinity of Oaklea Court in Sarnia
I have one wall bowing in quite considerably
Vicinity of Hana Cres in Sarnia
I have a wet basement. I have located the point of entry and removed all baseboard and cut the dry wall a few feet up from the floor and removed any mold. I would like a quote to fix and water proof the area. Thanks Nathan
Vicinity of Proctor Street in Sarnia
Leaking cracks in concrete in basement
Vicinity of Holden Drive in Sarnia
I have water that seeps in at the top of the foundation wall (above ground level) and then runs down the inside of the wall instead of running down the outside. House is brick veneer on a solid concrete foundation in sandy soil.
Vicinity of Fairview Pl in Sarnia
Crack in brick wall, door requiring re-trimming to shut normally. re-acuring crack in inside wall corner of house in drywall
Vicinity of Murphy Road in Sarnia
Purchased home in January of this year. No leaking with the winter thaw (although there wasn't any snow). With the heavy rains this summer I've had water seeping into my basement. I would like an inspection/quote on fixing leaks. Please contact me to set up an appointment. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brock in Sarnia
Driveway has sunk a bit toward house and leaks water if it is not sealed around the driveway-I'm afraid that some mould has already formed in basement at base of drywall
Vicinity of Winchester Cres. in Sarnia
Have an existing sump hole but it is very small. Purchased a new barrel but need to have it installed. Also need to have a backup pump installed. Currently have a submersible, as well as a pedistal pump ( sits as a backup. ) Location is in a crawlspace ( it is about 5 foot high ) Need installation of new 9 (larger) barrel plus new piping to allow for the pedistal to act as a backup. There is an electrical outlet present.

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