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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in St Thomas. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in St Thomas and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in St Thomas, ON
Vicinity of Vanier Place in St Thomas
I am thinking about buying a house where the real estate agent has noted that there has been some shifting in the house. I was hoping you could give me a ballpark idea of how much to budget for a repair like this. Thank you, Matt
Vicinity of Talbot Street in St Thomas
Basement flooding after raining
Vicinity of Sunset Road in St Thomas
Our basement has some pretty bad leaking in this recent rain we've gotten. Could you please come out and help me diagnose the problem and come up with a prevention plan.
Vicinity of Pine Valley Drive in St Thomas
I have 2 sunken slabs of concrete driveway that have dropped more than last year
Vicinity of Ryerson Place in St Thomas
I have 2 issues that I need to get priced... In my garage, my slab has cracked and settled in a couple of places. I am wondering if it can be leveled? Also, I have a cold room under my front porch that is very wet during the spring months that I would like to fix. I'm just pricing out renovations and would like to start planning a budget. Please let me know.
Vicinity of Chestnut St in St Thomas
Looking for a quote on a foundation repair job..please contact asap
Vicinity of Pine Valley Drive in St Thomas
Hi there, I have a roughly 4'x8' section of concrete patio that has settled along a control joint about 1" (could also be that the adjacent section heaved... hard to tell and not sure what caused it). Looking for a quote to raise it flush so that the overall patio is even. Thanks!
Vicinity of Wellington St in St Thomas
Multiple cracks around foundation, corners of foundation cracking, front concrete porch cracking away from house. No presence of water in the basement to my knowledge. Want to fix the cracks before they become an issue. Thanks in advance
Vicinity of Rhonda Court in St Thomas
Patterned concrete driveway and rear patio becoming uneven (I understand the patio portion has two layers of concrete - original & patterned)
Vicinity of Thorman Terrace in St Thomas
I'd like an estimate to level up a sidewalk
Vicinity of Flora St in St Thomas
I am looking to purchase the house at the address listed. I am concerned that the basement needs work. Would I be able to get an estimate before purchasing as part of my conditional offer?
Vicinity of Highview in St Thomas
I'm looking at getting a backup sump pump with battery installed .. The current one I have now works great , but I want to be sure I'm safe not sorry ..
Vicinity of Cresent Ave in St Thomas
Concrete has sunk at the front of our house. Cost to level it?
Vicinity of Lake Margaret Trail in St Thomas
Crack wall of basement of house we bought couple years ago. Looks like epoxy plugs have been used in the past. Wondering if we can have someone come assess it for potential work to be done before we put the drywall back up.
Vicinity of Oldewood Cres in St Thomas
We have a wood basement in the cold room we Mould problem also the water is in that room as well the sump pump systen Please Email me first on date a time
Vicinity of Symphony Court in St Thomas
Sidewalk from front door to driveway has sunk in one section Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Forest Ave in St Thomas
Leaky damp basement...trying to sell my house and wonder how much it will cost to fix to increase my chances of getting the house sold.
Vicinity of Warler Hts in St Thomas
Side concrete walk and front walk and stairs have sunk. Needs to be lifted or replaced. Driveway may need some repair as well. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Forest Ave in St Thomas
Hello, I have a crack at the back corner of my house and when there is a heavy rain I get some water coming in. Thanks, Ryan
Vicinity of Rosemount Cr. in St Thomas
Leaking around basement door. Not sure of the source. Would like to book an appointment for investigation and an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of West Ave in St Thomas
Looking to get an estimate on foundation repair as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Myrtle Street in St Thomas
Large gap/crack in foundation. Need estimate for more permanent fix of the problem
Vicinity of Montgomery Rd in St Thomas
Would like to get quote on fixing basement wall that leaks when it is raining.
Vicinity of Kantor Crt in St Thomas
We have a sump pump that is almost 7 years old and we would like to have it checked out. We are also interested in a quote for a new one with the optional battery back up. Do you do estimates in the evenings or on weekends?
Vicinity of Rhonda Court in St Thomas
Need large slabs at back of house lifted
Vicinity of Victoria St in St Thomas
We would like a quote to insulate part of a crawl space.
Vicinity of Woodhaven Court in St Thomas
Mold in finished basement.
Vicinity of Manitoba Street in St Thomas
We have an older house and the one side is sagging. We would like to repair the foundation.
Vicinity of Mitchell St. in St Thomas
I have a 80 year old home,in which thefoundation seems to go down hill, starting from front to back. The basement is mostly crawl space. floors are unlevel. We bought this house in 2011 for a good price but we know we had to do alot of work regarding the repairs. WE are first home owners and need advice.
Vicinity of Thompson Ave in St Thomas
Our basement has a leak under the side door and window. Hoping to find a solution.
Vicinity of Erie St in St Thomas
I have a horizontal crack in my foundation and am hoping to get a quote to have it repaired. Thank you
Vicinity of Dalewood Rd in St Thomas
Would like an estimate for a sump pump installation. After last nights rain we have approx 1" off water in the basement. we do not have a pump at all at this time.
Vicinity of Talbot Street in St Thomas
Hi there, We are having a problem with the basement leaking in our emergency shelter location. It is an old house built in 1915 and does appear to have some small crack in the walls, however we were told it was like a problem with the weeping tiles(?) I would like to have someone come and give us a free estimate on repairing the basement as soon as possible since this is where we store donations and household products as well as occasionally housing residents there. Please contact Anne Taylor via email or to set up a time. Thank you
Vicinity of Shady Lane in St Thomas
Our cottage is at Tobermory. Our crawl space is approximately 30'x30' with a 24 -36" poured concrete wall, dirt floor. I know that this a rough sketch but what would a "rough ball-park" estimate be for installing the system? or What is the average sq ft cost? Thank you

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