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Advanced Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Essex. Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems's recent work requests in Essex and nearby areas!

Learn more about Advanced Basement Systems' recent work requests in Essex, ON
Vicinity of Victoria Parkway in Essex
Good Morning, We open and operate a land-lease community in Essex Ontario, which has a community pool. The Pool surround is concrete which has some area out of level. Is poly fill a solution?
Vicinity of Harvey St in Essex
Water accumulating in crawl space.
Vicinity of South Talbot Rd North in Essex
Wanting estimate for sump pump instillation with battery back up system
Vicinity of Trembley Road in Essex
I want to have my home tested for radon levels. I am not aware of any problems, and want the test as a precautionary measure. What is the cost? Process? thanks
Vicinity of Irwin Ave in Essex
My garage floor is heaving. Splitting at the saw middle saw cut It's been like this since I bought the house in 2012. My garage door just seals in the middle with gaps on each side Not sure what is causing this Would like someone to come out and have a look
Vicinity of in Essex
I have a high water table under my house and need a system that will put out at least 3000GPH and will last at least 8hrs since power does go out at least 6 to 8 times a year. I would like a dual all in 1 pump to assist the primary pump when necessary and I have power but will maintain water levels when the power goes out.
Vicinity of in Essex
We have an older home with stone foundation and water is coming in like a stream when it rains. I would like a quote. thank you
Vicinity of in Essex
We have a basement leek in main house in one corner and we have a moisture problem in the small house it has been waterproofed but seems to have been done a long time ago and is not doing its job.
Vicinity of Fairview Ave W in Essex
On heavy rains we will get some water in the corner of the basement.
Vicinity of in Essex
I recently purchased a home with a very wet crawl space, i'm working on getting the water to stop draining into the area but once I figure that out would like a quote on waterproofing.
Vicinity of Victoria Avenue in Essex
During Saturday evenings storm, my finished basement began leaking from under neath the dry wall onto my tile floor in my family room. The water amount that came in was significant. The sump pump was functional and had only stopped working with a 5 minute power failure. In another area in the room beside my sump pump you are able to see the cinder blocks and there is a location in between two blocks that the water pours in. It luckly pours in and runs to the sump pump pit. I am looking for someone to give me an estimate of the amount to repair, and seal the wall to eliminate further leakage. I also don't know if you have any way of testing for water behind the drywall and whether there would be potenial mould risks. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you! Julie.
Vicinity of Laird in Essex
Limited access in crawl space under century home. Recommended excavation of soil to increase access height (very small space) and plastic placed under house. Also requires reinforcement of structural beams for flooring. House has failed home inspection because of issue. Need fixed as soon as possible to increase chance of sale.
Vicinity of North Talbot Rd. in Essex
Footing in south east front corner of house seems to have sunk about 5/8 of an inch.Opened brick mortar line- near by window out of square making it difficult to operate.
Vicinity of Medora in Essex
Looking at purchasing a home in Essex and would like a professional opinion of the foundation/supporting beams before purchasing.
Vicinity of Brien Ave W in Essex
Basement waterproofing, foundation repair
Vicinity of Waters Beach Drive in Essex
Interested in couple options for our crawl space 1. Expanding into a basement 2. Closing in the crawlspace
Vicinity of in Essex
Hi I have a leaky basement I do not have asump pump the house was built in 1944.Just wondering if you could help me out thank-you.
Vicinity of Cameron Ave in Essex
Yes I have crawl space and foundation repair needed. Floor needs to be raised and secured. Just need a quote. Please call me by 1 in the afternoon because I will be at work after. Thanks
Vicinity of Iler Ave in Essex
Wet basement in laundry room.
Vicinity of Russell Street in Essex
Interested in getting a quote for a sump pump system in our basement.
Vicinity of Woodview Dr in Essex
Crack in foundation. Wall is starting to bow.
Vicinity of Maidstone Avenue East in Essex
It has a horrible smell to it, the lady that lived here before me had four cats, although it isn't a cat odour, it smells more like mold. You would have to see it. We can smell it through out the house.
Vicinity of in Essex
Looking to buy a house in leamington that need foundation repair do to block foundation bowing.

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