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Vicinity of , Wales in Windsor
Heavy rain and or spring thaw get some water in basement.
Vicinity of Donnelly Street in Windsor
A little amount of water leaking out from the basement floor, when heavy rain or snow.
Vicinity of Henry Ford Centre Drive in Windsor
We have rats coming into our kitchen & bathroom. Abell Pest Control went into our crawl space and found the wood surrounding the pipes has holes cut too big to use foam insulation to prevent entry. They suggested we contact a contractor to remedy the holes.
Vicinity of Pillette in Windsor
Floor sagging at front and back. Floors high in the middle.
Vicinity of Aubin in Windsor
Old wartime house with sloping of floors to center of house
Vicinity of Maitland Ave., Maitland Ave in Windsor
Condensation on windows. Need dehumidifier installed
Vicinity of McRobbie Cres in Windsor
My sump pump failed last week and my basement got flooded. I need a better system now.
Vicinity of Riverside Dr , E . in Windsor
I want to replace my existing Pedstal sump pump . It's to noisey .
Vicinity of Moy Ave in Windsor
I'm need of a Sump Pit and Maybe French Drain update
Vicinity of McKay in Windsor
I want to install a backup sump pump
Vicinity of Dougall Ave in Windsor
Old basement needs to be improved suffers from hydrostatic pressure
Vicinity of Hall Avenue in Windsor
The musty smell.
Vicinity of in Windsor
We just bought an old home with a sump pump. For some reason the drain pipe is connected to the water drain in the basement. Shouldn"t it discharge outside? There is a backflow valve in the floor but we still get some water occasionally if it really rains hard.
Vicinity of Reedmere in Windsor
Basement leaking looking to know what is the issue and cost of repairing
Vicinity of Asgard in Windsor
Look as though we may have water in our walls from an outside source. Water coming from rain/moisture causing inside walls to look as though there is moisture in them
Vicinity of Matthew Brady in Windsor
Basement leaking. Seepage .
Vicinity of Whitney Ave in Windsor
We have water leaking into one corner of our basement.
Vicinity of Mulford Court in Windsor
Crawl space repair
Vicinity of Eastlawn Ave in Windsor
We have horizontal and step cracks in our basement walls and the walls in some areas are bowed about a half inch to an inch. No water comes through but we would like to schedule a quote to get it repaired before it gets worse. Hoping we can get an affordable estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ouellette in Windsor
I have leakage on roof and in the basement
Vicinity of Lloyd George Blvd. in Windsor
Our house needs to be jacked in the center. We have a dirt crawlspace as well looking at having it insulated
Vicinity of Rankin Ave in Windsor
Concrete around the house (dirveway, sidewalk) can use some leveling. Not urgent, and I've been delaying this year after year, and now shopping for free estimates. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Windsor
My basement is leaking, could you come and see it?
Vicinity of St Rose Ave in Windsor
Need to replace the pump
Vicinity of York Street in Windsor
Water Leak East side of Building
Vicinity of McTague in Windsor
Parts of stamped driveway is sinking.
Vicinity of Little River Blvd in Windsor
Would like an estimate for a battery back up system for our sump pump.
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Windsor
Hi, I have an old sump pit that is a large square size hole that is fully opened in my basement. I am re doing the basement and wondering how much does it cost to convert that old style to new clean style which is round with a lid?
Vicinity of Frank Av in Windsor
Joist. Structure. Just bought this house. The floors are cracking and uneven.
Vicinity of Church Street in Windsor
I have a leaky basement and I need a quote for repair.
Vicinity of Lillian Ave in Windsor
My bathroom is sinking need to jack and brace crawl space
Vicinity of Lincoln Road in Windsor
Sunken exterior sidewalk beside building.
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Windsor
I have an old wartime house with a crawlspace. Looking to ensure house is secure, floor insulation, any recommendations. No rush, I can't afford much now, but looking for estimation of costs involved so I can refinance my mortgage next year when it renews.
Vicinity of McKay Ave in Windsor
Water in fruit cellar area
Vicinity of Josephine Ave in Windsor
We have a house where the basement is partially block walls and partially dirt (dug out). There are rodents coming into the house and we would like to know how to repair/close in the dirt walls.
Vicinity of Byng Rd in Windsor
Basement spray
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Windsor
Would like an estimate as inspector when I bought the house suggested it maybe something to think about. Keeping things warmer in the winter, and eleviate any damp smells etc before there is an issue.
Vicinity of Gladstone Avenue in Windsor
I want to seal all cracks in the basement and stop leaks
Vicinity of Francois in Windsor
Interested in lowering basement floor and waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Blairwood Cres in Windsor
We need our sidewalk concrete lifted and leveled around the side of the house next to our garage.
Vicinity of Parkwood Ave. in Windsor
I wanted to get an estimite to install a sump pump under the government flood grant program in my crawl space.
Vicinity of JOSEPHINE AVE in Windsor
Basement have some leaking and remove 1 finish room at basememt.
Vicinity of Clover Ave in Windsor
Need waterproofing for a large basement cellar. Walls are full of water
Vicinity of Labadie in Windsor
House built in the 1930`s and is sagging a bit in the middle of the house. Suspect supports need to lifted to level the house.
Vicinity of St. Paul Ave in Windsor
Front porch steps have sunk. Lifting steps and adjacent sidewalk and section of driveway.
Vicinity of Canada in Windsor
Vicinity of York Street in Windsor
I would like an estimate on waterproofing my basement.
Vicinity of Clara Ave in Windsor
Sump pump runs all the time continuously and primary pump now is damaged. It appears that due to a high water table /or leak, the sump pump level cannot go below half full without pump pumping all the time. I recently added a back water valve and I see water outside the back water valve. (is this due to high water table/leak?). I need a new sump pump system set to trigger at the correct water level in the sump pump and to verify there is no leak anywhere that is causing the continuous high water level in the sump pump.
Vicinity of Windermere in Windsor
I have a century old home, the basement has long been cracked etc. It seems to be damp, and I'm worried that some of the blocks are giving out.
Vicinity of Niagara Street in Windsor
Need to re-seal basement (inside and out), check drains, etc. Also want to put new brick facing on outside of foundation.
Vicinity of Southwood Lakes Blvd in Windsor
Raise driveway slab in front of garage and front door area.
Vicinity of Lincoln Rd. in Windsor
Would like to get an idea of what the cost would be to encapsulate the crawl space.
Vicinity of Kildare Road in Windsor
Basement has occasional leaking, looking for best estimate, if the foundation is the issue, etc.
Vicinity of Buckingham in Windsor
Do you do window wells? Also have a couple of small areas that concrete needs lifting. Thanks for your time.
Vicinity of Randolph Avenue in Windsor
Need to install Backflo Valve and Check out Sumppump
Vicinity of Mckay Ave in Windsor
Patio and driveway have sunk. Need pricing for levelling please.
Vicinity of Queen Elizabeth Dr in Windsor
Lifting concrete in patio area and driveway
Vicinity of Raymo Rd in Windsor
A friend recommended we waterproof our basements as we have had several areas of wet / damp spots when it rains coming up through the cement. We had the flood in Aug last year so the laminate flooring is torn up.
Vicinity of Mcewan in Windsor
I need damp proofing of my basement
Vicinity of Castleton Ave in Windsor
We have a very small job. Our entrance is a grade entrance with one concrete step up, about 6" above grade. This small step is slanted just slightly to the home. We want this sloped away from the home. When the rain hits this area, we get a very small drip in the crawl space. The drip would be maybe just a few cups but it gets that wall insulation wet. There could be lots of rain and no drip at all in the crawlspace if the wind isn't directing the rain against this section. It is coming from this area as the drip in the crawlspace is from above or along the grade, not the foundation. We'd like to try this first and see if the drip stops. It's a pretty small job but we'd like it done asap. Feel free to drive by, walk to the front door and look at the step at the door. If we're home, we could get you to inspect the crawlspace but unless it's dripping, it'll be hard to locate where it's coming in.
Vicinity of Bedford St in Windsor
1968 house had a sump,pump. City filled it in with cement but now having water issues with all the storms we have been having. Need the sump pump broken up and restarted properly. Thanks
Vicinity of George Avenue in Windsor
Looking to get an estimate on water proofing our basement
Vicinity of Albert Road in Windsor
The concrete driveway may have a hollow spot under it
Vicinity of Foxhill Place in Windsor
I need the concrete between between the houses lifted as well as the driveway although I might have to do it in 2 stages.
Vicinity of Wyandotte Street East in Windsor
We had a home inspection done on a home we are looking to buy- it came back with some white mould, damp and needs some work on the pillar and post foundation. Looking to get a quote for repair.
Vicinity of Ellrose Avenue in Windsor
I had a flood back in September like most of Windsor. I was looking to alternatives to help prevent another flood. I have a sump pump that just couldn't handle the water flow. I was looking into any additional measures that I could take. mainly a back up sump pump or possibly a French drain.
Vicinity of Garvey Cres in Windsor
I need an estimate to level a concrete driveway.
Vicinity of Chilver Rd. in Windsor
Water coming into one room in the basement. foundation probably cracked .
Vicinity of Stanley in Windsor
We need to have one specialist to install one or two SmartJack in our scroll basement under our bathroom. Please send us someone for an estimate.
Vicinity of Zurich Ave in Windsor
Vicinity of Prado Place in Windsor
Sump pump Waterproofing
Vicinity of Oak Street in Windsor
I would like a vapour barrier installed in my crawl space.
Vicinity of St. Patrick's Drive in Windsor
Concrete lifting around house
Vicinity of Louis Ave in Windsor
We been approved by city for back flow valve and sump pump we do not have one also our basement has water seeping in
Vicinity of Lincoln Rd in Windsor
Our basement flooded this past August so we're looking to get a floor that is more waterproof. The concrete floor needs to be leveled as well.
Vicinity of Esdras Place in Windsor
Vicinity of Victoria Avenue in Windsor
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on advancedbasementsystems.net that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: concrete lifting & leveling. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Marentette in Windsor
Looking to get an estimate on my crawlspace. My addition on my home seems to always flood when it rains and is just becoming a headache. Need it to be dry again!
Vicinity of Millen St. in Windsor
All four foundation walls have horizontal cracks and one has bowing surface.
Vicinity of Allyson Ave. in Windsor
Leaking crawlspace. Don't know where water is coming in.
Vicinity of Maitland Ave in Windsor
Looking to install a back up battery sump pump...... Need some one to contact me with quote... Thanks.....
Vicinity of Elsmere Ave in Windsor
My basement had a slight water leak from the last year's Windsor flooding. It was caused from cracks along the side of the foundation walls. I applied for basement flooding protection subsidy program from city of Windsor and after inspection, I was eligible for the subsidy. This includes installation of backwater valve and sump pumps with sump pump overflow including disconnection of foundation drains from floor drain, 100% of cost ($2,800.00 maximum). I would like to request for a free quote/ estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Arthur Rd in Windsor
Want an estimate on getting a sub pump installed
Vicinity of Randolph Ave in Windsor
Looking to water proof my basement from the outside of my house.
Vicinity of Glendale Ave in Windsor
Have a sump pump system that is having issues and need someone qualified to look at and most likely replaced. I think the system itself still works (watchdog system) but the pipes are leaking and with the increased rain we are worried they might break more or worse. Today is family day so we will call in the morning.
Vicinity of Glenwood Ave in Windsor
Basement leaking from wall.
Vicinity of Frank Ave in Windsor
Water now reaches up onto the soil (or plastic covering. Moat that I have should be graded to the front yard and it may need digging deeper. I do not however, have foundational experience. The next step would be to have the foundation re pointed. There is 2 and 1/2 feet of crawl space. My walls cracking and the front porch now cracking meaning likely house is leaning toward the front where everything should be graded. I also probably would need landscaping around the house for regarding. Lots of projects. One per year
Vicinity of Socrates Cres in Windsor
Want to install a new sump with back up
Vicinity of Whitney Ave in Windsor
Radon gas testing/mitigation in ontario
Vicinity of Turner Road in Windsor
Need crawl space to have a vapour barrier install
Vicinity of York in Windsor
My house is old and needs insulation sprayed.
Vicinity of Bernard Rd in Windsor
Dampness Insulation Conserving energy costs Rodents
Vicinity of Loraine in Windsor
Had extensive water damage. It now smells and needs reconstruction, waterproofing.
Vicinity of Glidden Ave in Windsor
Quote on installing triple safe basement sump pump system with outside drainage
Vicinity of Mulberry Road in Windsor
Small amounts of water comes from bottom of the basement wall.
Vicinity of Pierre Ave in Windsor
Hi I have been having some problems with water coming up through my drain in the basement. I just need to have that taken care of primarily. But I would definitely be interested in an assessment of my basement and if it can be water proofed. Thank you
Vicinity of Vimy Ave in Windsor
Our basement foundation has cracks and is leaking
Vicinity of Menard St. in Windsor
I have a quality primary sump pump (non-submersible type). How much would it cost to install the ultra sump battery back-up system? How much is the system by its self and how much is the cost to install? Thanks.
Vicinity of Belleperche Place in Windsor
Water in 2 corners of 1 basement wall
Vicinity of Leffler Dr in Windsor
My basement got flooded twice in less than two years. I have installed the backup valve and two new sum pumps but I still got flooded.
Vicinity of in Windsor
Basement flooded on August 29, 2017. I want to get the basement as waterproof as possible before finishing the basement including backwater valve and sump pump as well as a check of the foundation/weeping tiles.
Vicinity of Academy Dr in Windsor
Our basement is leaking during a good rain it is the west wall facing the street it is 30 feet + we really dont want our front yard dug up if possible it is maybe 7 feet tall if you can do this kind of work please give me a quote thanks
Vicinity of Wyandotte East in Windsor
Looking at sump pump and backwater valves install estimate
Vicinity of Forest Ave in Windsor
There was water in crawl space. Now when I put air on has a mildewy smell. I'd like it checked out.
Vicinity of Randolph in Windsor
Need sidewalk raised.... Want it graded to the road
Vicinity of Somme Avenue in Windsor
Vicinity of Church Street in Windsor
Wet basement, water around perimeter walls. No sump pump.
Vicinity of Everts Ave in Windsor
Vicinity of California Ave. in Windsor
Have issuses with water seepage into basment, also water back up thru floor drain during sept 4 storm.
Vicinity of Buttery Street in Windsor
Basement flooded recently. Looking for advice regarding preventive waterproofing for future.
Vicinity of Parkwood Ave in Windsor
Looking for drain/sump pump, back flow drain.
Vicinity of Rockwell Blvd. in Windsor
We were victims of the recent flooding in Windsor. We need to have a backwater valve and Sump pump installed in our basement. I have applied to city for the basement flooding subsidy program but have been told they are months behind on inspections. I can't put my basement back together until this is taken care of. I was wondering what it would cost to have this done if I went ahead and had it done without the subsidy.
Vicinity of Reedmere in Windsor
Need some backyard drainage
Vicinity of Lincoln Rd in Windsor
Recent rain fall extraordinary caused flooding
Vicinity of Skyline Dr in Windsor
We want to have our insulation repaired. Also odor smell is lingering from crawl space.
Vicinity of Bedford in Windsor
Hello, I have a lot of efflorescence, a large section of horizontal cracks as well as some leaking basement walls where the foundation meets the floor. The minimal but steady leaking only occurred during the last major rainfall in Windsor. I also have a large hole which was previously patched in the wall that needs attention. Thank you, Stephen
Vicinity of Glenwood Ave in Windsor
We live in south windsor and our basement flooded. Would like to get estimates related to waterproofing either the outside or inside wall, installing a sump pump and sewage backflow valve.
Vicinity of Virginia Ave. in Windsor
Need to insulate a fouundation before to start renovation the basement
Vicinity of Esplanade Dr in Windsor
Concrete patio sunk on and is now angled downward toward the living room level. Rain water was able to get into the home from this area. We would like to raise the piece of concrete to make it level again or even a bit more raised so that the slope of the concrete goes away from the home. We would like a free estimate of how much it would cost do this. Thank you.
Vicinity of Meldrum Rd in Windsor
We purchased this house last year with some foundation issues and your company is the one who did the work. With the food that happened last week we have discovered some more foundation issues such as a crack along the whole north facing wall that we would like to get figured out
Vicinity of Turner Rd in Windsor
Basement leaks from a outside crack. Would like to have it fixed.
Vicinity of Turner Rd. in Windsor
Mould and dampness on the walls
Vicinity of CURRY AVE in Windsor
Looking to install second sump pump
Vicinity of Eastlawn Ave in Windsor
Hello, We have window wells that filled up and then leaked through our windows into our basement during the most recent flood in Windsor. Also, we would love if we could have someone have a look at our existing sump pump and make recommendations if necessary. Thank you.
Vicinity of Shinglecreek Crt in Windsor
I have an existing sump pump in my crawl space. However during a recent major storm it did not function properly. Our lower level flooded. It is very old and needs to be replaced. I am interested in finding out about the Triple Safe System, whether I can afford it, how reliable it is, and what kind of warranty it comes with.
Vicinity of Rockwell Blvd. in Windsor
Waterproofing my entire basement, including a fruit cellar under the front porch...curios if there are several different options as well
Vicinity of Monmouth Rd in Windsor
Vicinity of Riverside Drive East in Windsor
Floor of crawl space wet, insulation wet and musty smell coming from crawl space. Property on either side of us have elevated their land and subsequently we get standing water along the sides of our foundation walls.
Vicinity of Alexandrine in Windsor
I just purchased this house and there is a rat infestation in the crawl space. I did my best to clean up the feces but there is still a noticeable odour in the house. We are making efforts to get rid of the rats but the crawl space still smells terrible.
Vicinity of Villaire Ave in Windsor
I would like to know the cost to Spray foam my basement walls. Concrete block walls 7 ft high x 96 ft in total length. The walls are exposed. Studs are about 6 inches from the walls. I removed all fiberglass insulation after the recent flood. Our basement has less then 1 inch of water in it but I do not want to take any chances. My wife is highly highly allergic to molds. I bleached everything 4 times and bought some Mildewcide in the USA to apply as well Rather then replace using fiberglass, I am interested in knowing the cost to spray insulation. I do not have insurance.
Vicinity of St. Louis Ave in Windsor
I am concern there is no waterproofing or proper drainage to the street.
Vicinity of Langlois Crt., Windsor in Windsor
I need a quote to waterproof some existing cement block, about 15' wide and about 6' down. You'd have to dig up the dirt.
Vicinity of Northway Avenue in Windsor
I am looking for upgrading the Sum-pump System in Crawl space.
Vicinity of Westminster Blvd in Windsor
The latest storm left us with basement seepage and we have one area of basement we know needs repair.
Vicinity of Curry Avenue in Windsor
Need to determine why water is coming into basement and fix the problem
Vicinity of Ferndale Ave in Windsor
Our basement continues to get water. Nothing like 10 inches but enough to wet the floor and we have to put towels down and mop and now it had leaked in down the wall
Vicinity of Somme Ave in Windsor
Hi we have just moved into a home and during a bathroom reno in the basement have discovered moisture and mould . We would like someone to give us an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of St. John St in Windsor
Patio slab sunken
Vicinity of California Ave in Windsor
Crawl space and govt grant
Vicinity of Darlington in Windsor
My basement wall is severely bowed. It is 460" long by 84" high. The joist supporting the floor above run perpendicular to this wall and they are 2"x7" @ 16". On the other side of the wall is my neighbour's concrete driveway.
Vicinity of Clemenceau in Windsor
I live in the basement and I'm concerned about the radon levels. I would like to test the levels in my basement.
Vicinity of Prince Rd in Windsor
I would like an estimate to insulate my crawl space basement.
Vicinity of Briarbank Dr in Windsor
I have a small amount of water in my basement currently and i do not know where it is coming from.
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Windsor
Mold growing in basement.
Vicinity of Dougall Ave in Windsor
Need to have a sump pump installed. Would like to see what having french drains installed would run me as well.
Vicinity of Morand in Windsor
I would like to get an estimate for crawlspace insulation....I work in the US so was hoping to have it done on a Saturday
Vicinity of Carling Crescent in Windsor
I am looking for a quote for a sump pump with backwater valve for our basement, after flooding in Sept 2016. Would hope to take part in city program but want to know what up front costs and total costs would be.
Vicinity of Glidden in Windsor
We recently had a city basement flood inspection and we qualify for subsidy program. We need backwater valve installed, disconnect foundation drains for dye testing/camera work, and install sump pump.
Vicinity of Kennedy Drive East in Windsor
Water is leaking into my basement after it rains
Vicinity of Riverside Dr. E in Windsor
Hello, I'm doing a little research for my elderly mother. Her home is approx. 30'x40' with dirt floor crawlspace. She needs new down flow furnace and ac. The crawlspace air quality concerns me. As she is in her 82's and not sure how long she will live here, we don't want to invest huge sums into an old house but want her to be safe. Can you please give us a ball park figure on a crawlspace encapsulation. Thanks
Vicinity of Continental in Windsor
Basement leaking at corners. Mold, smells, blocks have water in them
Vicinity of Parkview Ave in Windsor
Section of driveway needs raising
Vicinity of Trappers Ave in Windsor
We need your service, please give us free estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ouellete in Windsor
Would like to have a quote done on basement wall with water issues.
Vicinity of Riverside E in Windsor
Need a quote to raise a concrete slab.
Vicinity of Alice St in Windsor
Have a sagging floor in kitchen area . single story house with crawl space , would like and estimate for repairs
Vicinity of Pavan St in Windsor
Our patio in the backyard is uneven, I would like a quote on getting it all level. thanks.
Vicinity of Ellis St W in Windsor
Water in basement
Vicinity of Parkwood Ave in Windsor
Vicinity of Ellrose Avenue in Windsor
We have holes in our walls and it lets water in during a big rain storm. We need the walls waterproofed. 1, maybe 2 walls
Vicinity of Seville Ave in Windsor
I'm interested in installing a battery backup sump pump for my home. I would like to request a visit and/or an estimate for this.
Vicinity of Church in Windsor
No insulation in the crawl space / cold floors in the winter / drafts at floor level. Cold (no insulation) under the boxed out window in front of house
Vicinity of Parent Ave in Windsor
Leaky basement
Vicinity of Roosevelt St. in Windsor
Need to lift 4-5 pieces of sidewalk beside my house so that they don't angle towards my house and cause water to side against it.
Vicinity of Thompson Blvd in Windsor
Looking at installation of sump pump, backwater valve and waterproofing for the basement of my 1950s era home in Windsor's Olde Riverside. Also interested in radon testing.
Vicinity of Everts in Windsor
Sump pump backup
Vicinity of Dougall Ave in Windsor
Water in the basement, suspect coming in from rear patio
Vicinity of St. Paul Ave in Windsor
Raised ranch semi-detached. Rain water is seeping through the basement wall and is causing damage to the carpet. A wet patch about 3ft x 2ft. I can send pictures by e-mail.
Vicinity of Dobrich Street in Windsor
Sunken driveway
Vicinity of Campbell Ave in Windsor
4 1/2 foot crawl space needing water proofing and repair. Water is present in areas but cannot find source.
Vicinity of Mulberry in Windsor
Need atleast 1, maybe 2-3, cement slab lifted and leveled in backyard.
Vicinity of in Windsor
Interested in free estimate for crawl space
Vicinity of Lawrence in Windsor
Basement has water in corner. Outside foundation may need repair.
Vicinity of Monticello in Windsor
Battery back up system
Vicinity of Moy in Windsor
We have water problems with mold we need vapour barrier as well as spray for mold
Vicinity of Peter in Windsor
I need a sump pump installed in my basement, there is a small drainage hole, but I am not sure whether it would be the appropriate location.
Vicinity of Boxwood Crt in Windsor
I am looking for a quote to fix my basement foundation...seams between blocks are split along entire wall...and a couple blocks are cracked, in the corner of the house...
Vicinity of Alexis Road in Windsor
Looking to have my crawlspace insulated
Vicinity of FRANCOIS in Windsor
Vicinity of Westchester Drive in Windsor
I would like to inquire about Radon testing in my home. What are the costs involved to have testing done?
Vicinity of Church St. in Windsor
The sidewalk at the side of the house is on a slant. Would like to have that leveled. Thanks. Also would like a quote on what it would cost to break up the old slab of cement and create a new cement walk to the stairs. Thanks.Prefer communication through e-mail or call after 5:30 pm.
Vicinity of Frank Ave in Windsor
Hello .. we have some water seepage happening on a basement wall and are looking at obtaining an assessment and estimate for repairs .. work until 4 pm weekdays therefore best time to assess would be weekdays after 4:30 or Saturdays .. Thank you
Vicinity of Curry Ave in Windsor
I pulled back a partly finished basement bedroom to discover moisture coming into the foundation at the bottom of the wall. One eavestrough leaks water there and i'm sure fixing that might alleviate the problem during heavy rains however I would prefer to get an inspection/quote to see what i'd be looking at for a professional resolution. The entire basement is getting a full re-renovation, so water damage would be a nightmare in this case.
Vicinity of Ellrose Ave in Windsor
Pump failed during the flood of Sept 29th, not sure if it is broken or just was overwhelmed, also need some kind of backup system
Vicinity of Ancona Cres in Windsor
Quote on Concrete Leveling
Vicinity of Parkview in Windsor
My basement flooded 2 weeks ago and I would like to see about weatherproofing from the inside
Vicinity of Foxhill Crt in Windsor
I have a crack/leak in basement wall and would like to setup an appointment
Vicinity of Watson in Windsor
Basement flooded in storm 2 weeks ago, need water proofing.
Vicinity of Lincoln Rd in Windsor
We have an unfinished basement that has a couple of minor leaks. We would like the waterproofing and sump pump before it get worse.
Vicinity of Edward Avenue in Windsor
I recently had a flood in my basement and when the recovery company removed drywall in my laundry room I notice that the wall is buckling. I would like a price on how much it would be to repair it before the basement is refinished.
Vicinity of Rendezvous Dr. in Windsor
Have cracking in floor but no leaks. We are looking into finishing basement and need to know about floor condition.Have sump pump and have never had any flooding .
Vicinity of Belle Isle View in Windsor
Estimate for triple safe sump pump
Vicinity of Inverness in Windsor
Looking for a backup sump pump. If required to replace current pump as well. Had the float get stuck last night and basement flooded a backup or alarm may have prevented this.
Vicinity of St. Patrick's Ave. in Windsor
Driveway estimate
Vicinity of ASkin Ave in Windsor
Radon mitigation
Vicinity of Elm Avenue in Windsor
Want to get a quote for waterproofing
Vicinity of Aurora in Windsor
4x2 concrete slab with one step off porch is sunken down in the front. Needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of Santo Dr. in Windsor
Basement is constantly damp. Not sure if it's the foundation, weeping tiles or downspouts. Please contact.
Vicinity of Algonquin in Windsor
I have water coming up through floor /wall in basement. I heard show on CKLW today. Thanks
Vicinity of Windermere in Windsor
We would like to get an estimate please.
Vicinity of Aire Court in Windsor
Leaky basement in one area, due i think to improper down spout instalation
Vicinity of Hall Avenue in Windsor
We've had some water coming through the bricks of our basement after hard rains. We are looking into what would be the best waterproofing solution
Vicinity of Rockport St in Windsor
We aren't sure where the leak is coming from but from time to time there will be water on my basement floor and we can't figure out where it may be coming from
Vicinity of Campbell Ave in Windsor
I noticed some wet areas in the basement. Just purchased the home
Vicinity of Bliss Rd in Windsor
Sump pump and pit. Musky smell. Walls are leaking when it rains heavy.
Vicinity of Disputed Rd in Windsor
Would like a quote on possible structure issues under house. I left a message on your phone as well. Thank you
Vicinity of Sprucewood Ave in Windsor
Need someone to come out and check out our crawl space, it's dry but cold spots in our floors has us thinking it could better. It could be cleaner possibly insulating exterior walls Your company comes highly recommended Thanks Greg Rumpel
Vicinity of Maisonneuve Ave in Windsor
Walkway leads to porch and it is sloping towards the house
Vicinity of Ford Boulevard in Windsor
Sinking floor, I need to replace joist.
Vicinity of Mountbatten Crescent in Windsor
Back concrete patio slab is dropping (approximately 2 1/2 to 3 inches) against the back porch steps (porch is 21 feet long) and the side of the house
Vicinity of Bruce Ave. in Windsor
Basement - mold on walls, puddles of water on floor of the basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Parent Ave. in Windsor
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Jarvis Ave in Windsor
There are cracks in the foundation walls in the basement and cold room areas. I noticed today that the door leading to the cold room has become really tight and I would like someone to inspect the foundation and let me know if it needs structural repairs/ supports
Vicinity of Windermere Rd in Windsor
Basement waterproofing + sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Esdras Pl in Windsor
Looking for free estimate
Vicinity of Partington Ave in Windsor
Looking to cover a crawl space, possible mould spores and dampness.
Vicinity of Ridge Rd in Windsor
No basement. Old home. Beams rotted. Serious foundation crack around house
Vicinity of Cobblestone Cres in Windsor
Hi there, I few cracks in a poured basement wall that I will eventually need to get repaired. I was wondering what the average cost per crack injection repair is. I also was wondering if you have leveled any concrete pool decks with polyleveling? My pool deck is in need of some repair. Thank You.
Vicinity of Roseland Drive South in Windsor
Concrete is uneven - four sections of patio and driveway
Vicinity of Bramley Cres in Windsor
I have a concrete driveway and patio that have settled. I would like a quote for the Poly Foam leveling. Cheers, Colin
Vicinity of Glidden Ave in Windsor
We want an estimate on insulating and adding vapor barrier to our crawl space. There is also a soft spot in floor that may require joice repair
Vicinity of Marentette Ave in Windsor
One portion of my sidewalk is uneven
Vicinity of Inglewood Ave in Windsor
Around hot tub at the back house .
Vicinity of Bliss Rd in Windsor
I have an uninsulated crawl space under my house. My Central air cannot keep up with the heat but my crawlspace is nice and cool. I am losing all my cold air down there
Vicinity of Mountbatten Crescent in Windsor
Sunken Slabs in driveway Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Isabelle Place in Windsor
Estimate for sump pump and backwater valve installation in basement
Vicinity of California in Windsor
Water is seeping up the floor in middle of house in the basement. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Chilver in Windsor
Small cracks in foundation near the floor. Water enters on heavy downpours. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Maguire St. in Windsor
Driveway has sunk in the middle (and cracked). Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Janette Ave in Windsor
Recently purchased a home- the walkway along the side and back of the home has a grade that is leaning into the home causing some leaking/moisture in the basement. We would like to have this corrected with the grade going away from the home. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Aubin Road in Windsor
I have concerns related to water seepage in basement and require an estimate as to what works needs to be done. I am wondering as well if any of the work you do is sub-contracted.
Vicinity of Lincoln Road in Windsor
Encapsulating crawl space Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Holly in Windsor
Back patio has sink about 6 inches along garage from one side to the other and water pools up there
Vicinity of Lillian Ave in Windsor
My floors are sinking and thinking mold in crawl space
Vicinity of Devonshire Crt. in Windsor
Water in basement Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Amy Lynn Park Drive in Windsor
Driveway sinking at garage door. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of George Avenue in Windsor
Water coming in to basement during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Longfellow Ave in Windsor
We have been getting water in our basement. It seems to only be happening at one corner of the house. I'm not certain how the water is entering. The basement is finished with paneling and peel-and-stick tile (old). Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Brimley Drive in Windsor
Water seeping into the cold seller in the basement and I'm wondering if a sump pump would fix the problem since we don't have one but the basement is already finished
Vicinity of Girardot in Windsor
Moisture,no isulation on the floors mice problems.Ect. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Buckingham Rd. in Windsor
We have a damp/cool basement. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of George Ave in Windsor
We would like our crawl space cleaned our and lined. thank you! about 200 Sq feet
Vicinity of Bridge Ave in Windsor
Apparent sinking of foundation. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Bramley Crescent in Windsor
Water is starting to pool a little in one of the corners of the basement when it rains. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Huron St in Windsor
Flooding in basement. Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Tourangeau in Windsor
Just purchased the house. Foundation on one side of the house is on a bit of an angle. Floors are sinking in some spots, in particular the one side of the house. House is 50 years old. Would like to get an estimate on how much it would cost to jack up and level the house. Additional information: Best time to call:: Morning
Vicinity of Dufferin PL in Windsor
Some concrete plates sunk around a den beside the house at rear. Also, the ground around the house rear covered with bricks sunk beside the house. I hope can lift up and prevent the humidity build up in the basement. Additional information: Best time to call:: Evening
Vicinity of Soloman St in Windsor
Crack in foundation wall that is leaking. Additional information: Best time to call:: Afternoon
Vicinity of Askin in Windsor
We require a quote on concrete levelling for a sidewalk section just in front of our front porch.
Vicinity of in Windsor
Hi, I have a dirt crawlspace under my house. My house is very small, rectangular approx 24' x 33' (800 sq feet or slightly less). The crawlspace is very narrow.. I'm interested in getting a 20 mil liner in the whole crawlspace as the crawlspace floor is quite gross and moldy etc. I also want the foam board insulation and probably leave the vents open for summer for some air exchange. I have already got an estimate for this, except with spray foam. I'd prefer the board insulation. Could you please tell me if you do foam board insulation and recommend it, and if so, how the price would compare with spray foam. I would also like an estimate some time this week if this is something you do. Thanks
Vicinity of Lesperance Rd in Windsor
I am working with a very liimited budget so I don't have the money for a sump pump if one is needed. All I want is to have my crawl space cleaned (lots of debris down there) my floors insulated, the walls and floors vapour barrier, a couple of support beams and my water pipers insulated. Can you do this without me having to remortgage my home. I work all day so if you could come after 5:00 or on a sat. for an estimated that would be very helpful. Thank you
Vicinity of Mark Ave. in Windsor
I have a crack in my foundation that seems to go all the way through from the outside and into my laundry room. It spands from the top of my foundation to the bottom. We are getting some water seeping through from that crack as well as from the corner or our laundry room but I cannot see any crack in the corner.
Vicinity of Innerkip Crea in Windsor
Driveway uneven and side of house concrete slanted towards house.
Vicinity of Bishop St. in Windsor
Basement waterproffing
Vicinity of St. Clair Ave in Windsor
How much does it cost to do Radon Gas Testing/Mitigation for my finished basement. Thanks,
Vicinity of McKay Ave in Windsor
I have a sunken driveway. and it created a big step to the porch. I would like to level it to the group level of garage. please estimate and leave me message if no one answer the phone. thanks, Tony
Vicinity of Askin Ave in Windsor
Driveway pads graded back into house, causing water issues in basement. Need cement lifted ASAP.
Vicinity of Central Avenue in Windsor
My floors all sag towards the center of my house. Its a crawlspace situation, no bsmt. My walls have cracks in them due to the sagging. I am interested in researching possible solutions.
Vicinity of Avondale Ave. in Windsor
Concrete sinking towards house.
Vicinity of Katella Ave in Windsor
The concrete for our terrace has sunk towards the house. We have a covered garden room, but when it rains or we water plants, water does not drain away.
Vicinity of in Windsor
We have water coming from below our cement floor in the basement. Looks like it coming from the crack between the footing and pourded concrete for the floor.
Vicinity of South Pacific Ave. in Windsor
Leak in basement. Block walls.
Vicinity of Columbia Court in Windsor
We had slab jacking done year ago (over 11 years) and the fill holes have popped out. Some areas have sunk a little. Steps at back door are a little uneven too.
Vicinity of Church in Windsor
My house is 100+ years ago and has a stone foundation. The basement doesn't have a sump pump and is moist, especially after rain. So, I am considering to install one.
Vicinity of Northway in Windsor
I have a sump pump but I need a battery back up installed. Can you provide a quote?
Vicinity of Lauzon Rd in Windsor
Concrete landing in front of house has sunk.
Vicinity of St Patrick'sDr in Windsor
Drive way, Sidewalk and back yard concrete need lifting and repair
Vicinity of Soloman St in Windsor
I have a small leak in my poured concrete basement wall that needs to be identified and repaired. Please contact me.
Vicinity of Mitchell Cresent in Windsor
Have leak and am worried about mold
Vicinity of Alexandrine St. in Windsor
I would like to know how much it would cost to do my craw space
Vicinity of Morningstar in Windsor
I would like a quote on a new sump pump plus a backup system
Vicinity of Church St in Windsor
Basement issues.
Vicinity of Kennedy Dr. E. in Windsor
Sinking cement around house needs to be raised
Vicinity of Belleperche Pl in Windsor
Would like an estimate on encapsulating crawl space.
Vicinity of Metcalfe Street in Windsor
Have very small amounts of water coming in the basement now that the snow is melting. There's a large tree much too close to the house that I'm going to have removed and I'm concerned that the roots have compromised the foundation. I'd like to get a quote on waterproofing the basement to ensure it's dry all the time.
Vicinity of Erie in Windsor
We are renovating a commercial space in it we have a small 20 x 20 by 5 foot tall crawl space we would like to water proof looking for a quote
Vicinity of Buckingham in Windsor
Hello, I've put in an offer on this home. We got a home inspection and the home inspector said that the crawlspace was in very poor condition. There is a dirt floor with no poly laid down, there may be structural issues as well there are metal pipes for water running down there which need to be updated. Our offer is still open with the seller based on how much a contractor says it will take to get the crawlspace fixed so I need an estimate from a reputable company that I can take to them to get the price down and then get the crawlspace fixed. Please let me know when you can come out and give a free estimate. Thanks, Scott
Vicinity of George Ave in Windsor
We have leaks coming in when it rains really heavy.
Vicinity of North Talbot in Windsor
Im interested in installation of the triple guard sump pump please contact me to arrange a estimate
Vicinity of Pierre Ave in Windsor
Hi there we are interested in getting a quote to waterproof our basement from the interior, fixing our concrete and possible installation of a sum pump. If you could let me know when you are available to come and give us a quote that would be great. Thank you Jackie
Vicinity of Hunt Club Crescent in Windsor
Concern about radon level in our basement. We would like to order a radon test. Please provide us a free quota about the price. Thanks!
Vicinity of At. Louis Ave. in Windsor
I have two vents in my crawlspace that need covering.
Vicinity of Monmouth Rd in Windsor
I have a small addition with what appears to be a red brick foundation. One corner of the addition is sinking into the ground. I can tell because of the gaps that have formed between the bricks.
Vicinity of Granville in Windsor
Please provide an estimate for Radon Testing. 1000 SqFt Basement. Thx
Vicinity of Monmouth Rd.. in Windsor
In an end rowhouse with crawl space. Took up old nasty carpets. Cold is coming through hardwood floors. Want to keep floors. Can the crawl space be insulated? Not a wet crawl space.
Vicinity of Grandview in Windsor
Small moisture spots in crawl space and evidence of mice living there as well as drafts in the rafters. Lack of insulation as well
Vicinity of Dougall Ave in Windsor
I recently bought a house and the home inspector found water damage in the basement. I have the dehumidifier running and have to empty it once a day. The basement is finished. Please contact me for a quote.
Vicinity of Longfellow Ave in Windsor
Need to raise the concrete slabs around the house by 1 inch. Need to repair some brick work
Vicinity of Ducharme in Windsor
Looking for a quote to complete crawl space encapsulation after renovations are complete we can meet on site as the house is currently vacant
Vicinity of Rholaine Drive in Windsor
My back yard sidewalk has shifted down on the one side. I'd like to arrange for a free estimate to lift and level the concrete slabs. Please contact me to arrange a time.
Vicinity of in Windsor
I was wondering if I can get a quote to remove some mould in my crawl space On the ground and install 6 m poly on ground Thank you Frank
Vicinity of Church Street in Windsor
Basement waterproofing needs.
Vicinity of Grand Marais Rd E in Windsor
We think we need insulation in the crawl space to significantly cut our heating/cooling bills. We would like to have a free in-home assessment and estimate
Vicinity of Devonwood in Windsor
Sunken concrete slab front driveway near porch - would like an estimate to re-level the area
Vicinity of Colbourne in Windsor
Water in basement, cracks in bricks and cement blocks
Vicinity of Juliet Crescent in Windsor
Hi there, Water in the crawl space after the heavy rainfall couple weeks ago. Now there is odor coming from the crawl space.
Vicinity of St. Clair Ave in Windsor
Notice some leak in basement, interested in having a quote, also not sure if you meet the contractor requirement of Windsor city basement flooding protection subsidy program if I apply for it.
Vicinity of Riverside Dr. E. in Windsor
Crawl space leaking / musty smell
Vicinity of Malden in Windsor
Basement Waterproofing
Vicinity of Isabelle Place in Windsor
North wall of basement has leak during heavy rain
Vicinity of Thompson Blvd in Windsor
After high rain, my basement one side of wall got water in and wet
Vicinity of Dominion Blvd in Windsor
Water is coming in the basement through the kitchen. It's causing wall damage and cabinet damage.
Vicinity of Pierre Ave in Windsor
Purchasing a home with no sump pump. Would like an estimate to install please.
Vicinity of Everts in Windsor
Our basement leaks in two specific locations when it rains, but only when the rain falls in a certain direction or if there is a large amount of rainfall in a short period of time. It also leaks in these locations during the spring thaw.
Vicinity of Askin Ave in Windsor
Interested in an estimate for basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Summer Court in Windsor
Iam interested in purchasing a dehumidifier and also getting a quote to convert a cellar into a usable home space. Thank you!
Vicinity of University in Windsor
Looking at getting a estimate for cleaning up and insulating two crawl spaces, one under a kitchen and then one under a cement porch. also how I could insulate the basement of a heritage home.
Vicinity of Pillette Rd in Windsor
I have a water problem leaking in from under basement stairsit is not always just very heavy rain. But when it comes in it's fast
Vicinity of Campbell Ave in Windsor
Musty odour coming from outside-acces crawl space...looking to schedule inspection....
Vicinity of Landor Court in Windsor
We have a sump pumps system and battery backup system. We need to update the system to the latest level because our pump is not working properly while storm weather. We do not want to get another wet basement.
Vicinity of Marion Ave. in Windsor
I have water in my basement that seems to be coming in through the walls. Not on all sides, just two (east end walls). My neighbours complain of the same issues so you may end up with more than one client. Thanks,
Vicinity of Campbell Avenue in Windsor
Hi, We get water seepage thru in our basement. Looking for waterproofing (probably inside) and a sump pump installation. Thanks
Vicinity of Greenpark Blvd in Windsor
Uneven drive and step at the house needs to raise ~1 1/2" step and two car garage
Vicinity of Clemenceau Blvd in Windsor
Hi There, I am interested in insulating my crawl space. I just purchased the house and am concerned with winter weather. I am also wondering if you "wrap" pipes. Not sure that's your territory or not. Looking for a quote to see if this works into my budget. Thanks!
Vicinity of Huntington Ave in Windsor
I like to get an estimate on concrete lifting of my driveway and associated sidewalks attached to the driveway. Can you come by and give a quote? I'm interested in the foam lifting. How is it different than the regular slab jacking.
Vicinity of Atwater Cr in Windsor
I am removing my old shed from a slab in the yard and noticed that it is cracked and uneven. I was wondering what it would cost to ensure it is level as the new shed needs a level surface. I also would like it done prior to the weekend if possible.
Vicinity of Glendale Ave in Windsor
Would like an estimate to seal our crawl space.
Vicinity of Laporte Ave in Windsor
We get seepage, usually after a heavy rain fall, at one end of our basement.
Vicinity of Rossini Blvd in Windsor
Moister in basement and foundation cracks.
Vicinity of Hall Ave in Windsor
I have a very shallow, unfinished basement built back in the year 1919. There is no sump pump and I have occasionally seen water seeping in on the walls. I would like to get an estimate to waterproof, insulate and potentially finish my basement.
Vicinity of Norman Road in Windsor
I need a quote for a perimeter drainage system and sump pump
Vicinity of Ashfield Cresent in Windsor
Need an estimate on a small foundation leak leading to water build up under carpets in basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Askin Ave in Windsor
What is the price for emergency battery back up system include system and installation
Vicinity of Randolph Ave in Windsor
Looking for a quote on fixing the water leaking in my basement. Would like to do the entire basement perimeter, as well as a backwater valve if you do that. Thanks Mike
Vicinity of Janette Avenue in Windsor
I would like someone to come out and give me a quote for a sump pump and backwater valve and also basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Foster Ave. in Windsor
We have water coming in at baseboards and wet carpet in one room in our basement. We are going to try extensions on the downspouts but are worried there may be a bigger problem. Could you please let me know when you could someone out to take a look? Thanks, Andy
Vicinity of Beachdale St. in Windsor
Wet basement cinder block foundation. My mother just bought house house inspector saw nothing as mold was everywhere. Unfortunately we she just lost her 48 yr old son last month she is 66 years old and nothing was seen until after she took possession last Friday. We gutted walls floors etc. in dire need for quotes today as to what costs may be before I start reframing and drywall to make house livable. There is no sump pump and again I'm sure no exterior delta or such at the time of build of houses in area at that time. I have a few quotes coming in. Yet looking for a quote from you before work gets started this week thank you.
Vicinity of Reedmere Rd in Windsor
Had water seep from behind walls a few times in the last year. Recently took down dry wall and insulation in basement to find a lot of moisture behind the plastic and water damaged framing. Unsure of what waterproofing steps to do when putting our basement back together.
Vicinity of Downing St. in Windsor
Heard your show on CKLW & was interested in your sump pump systems. Wondered if I need one & if so, how much to have one installed?
Vicinity of Goyeau St. in Windsor
Need put in sump pump. need price.
Vicinity of Clemenceau in Windsor
We have cold floors in the winter. We are interested in the full crawlspace encapsulation.
Vicinity of Malden Rd in Windsor
I have a dirt floor crawl space that I am looking to improve as well as a sump pump that needs sealing.
Vicinity of Radisson Ave in Windsor
We have a pored basement but we have significant leaking at the seams where the pored walls end and the brick starts. Especially when we have rain pounding on the affected walls. I was wondering what it would cost to get this fixed.
Vicinity of Norman Road in Windsor
I need a quote for a wet basement repair.
Vicinity of Jamie CRT in Windsor
During the heavy rain tonight, we discovered that groundwater ran into our basement from the joins of wall and floor. Could you please do an estimate? I've taken some photos that I can show you. Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Jamie CRT in Windsor
The water is coming up through the floor at the joint where floor and walls meet when there is a heavy rain. But the wet floor will dry out in a few days if there is no rain. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lincoln Rd. in Windsor
There is a crack in the basement from which water is leaking. The north wall of the basement also shows signs of cracking and water damage.
Vicinity of Victoria Ave. in Windsor
Basement flooded, need an estimate on repairs.
Vicinity of Esplanade Dr in Windsor
I would like a quote to fix a leak from a crack in my basement wall (poured concrete). The leak is on an unfinished wall corner and possibly on the opposite side of that wall as well (which is finished). I'm looking for the low pressure injection type repair becaue I really don't want to go the route of the digging outside and putting tar/membrane because it's too messy/costly - I just can't afford that right now. Please contact to let me know when someone would be available to take a look and provide me a quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of Garden Court Drive in Windsor
There is a wall in my basement that leaks during heavy storms. I would like a quote to repair it.
Vicinity of Monmouth in Windsor
I am in the process of purchasing this house, they have had vermon/rodents in the crawlspace, but orkin has been in to exterminate. Now I would like to know how much it would be to clean the crawl space out and put up the vapour barrier. thank you.
Vicinity of Francois Rd in Windsor
Wet basement. Every time it rains we get water in the basement. It seems to be localized in one area mainly, but the basement over all feels damp.
Vicinity of in Windsor
Crawl space below entry to home is cooler in winter and warm in summer, new build one year old. Heat ducts are in the space as well as sump. Thank-you. Jane
Vicinity of Chambers Drive in Windsor
We performed a short term radon test. The results showed elevated levels of radon. We would like to get a consultation and quote for the radon mitigation. Thx, Karen
Vicinity of Stanley Street in Windsor
Crawl space pink panther insulation was not properly installed, the floors are cold, the crawl space is small in height wise, dirt flooring. Would like to have an estimate for what can be done to properly finish this space.
Vicinity of Stanley Street in Windsor
By-level? with attached garage. Leakage in crawl space under the entrance way in the corner where the fondation at the east end of the south wall of the garagel meets the foundation running north to south in the basement. There does not seem to be any other leak alont the wall except in the southwest corner of the crawl space. Sump pump located midway olong the northwall in the crawl space under the entrance area.
Vicinity of Watson Ave in Windsor
I need a new sump pump....mine just quit (great timing, Christmas !). I'm now only on my water pressure pump and living in Riverside after having experienced several flooded basements over the years, I'm not feeling too secure except for the fact this is winter and not spring. I just need the pump, my basement is fine otherwise. I'm looking for a Zoeller as I've researched and found it to be the best one out there. I'm just wondering about the warranty ? The one that just died on me has a lifetime warranty but I'm having difficulty contacting the manufacturer as to what they will do about it. I'd rather have a more reliable system in place, one that has better customer service and warranties. I'm hoping you can let me know soon....I'm looking for a 3/4 hp, submersible with an automatic switch/float. Can you please tell me what the cost of one would be as well. Thanks so much
Vicinity of St. Patrick's Drive in Windsor
We had our home insulated and in the crawl space, they just sprayed the hard insulation we had around the walls. They took out the floor insulation and left. Also, there is an old basement window there that has a screen on it. We are afraid that there is mould getting into the house from there and the family room floor over the crawl space is cold in the winter time. At the time we had it done, there were not to many people in the business. Looking in the phone book, the company we used no longer exists. My wife and I are experiencing more than usual sinus problems and we think this might be the cause.
Vicinity of Laurier Drive in Windsor
I would like to know about waterproofing my crawlspace; recently I am noticing odor.
Vicinity of Byng in Windsor
My section of home is ICF built and has a 4 ft cemented crwal space all insulated, My himidity level is around 55% thruout the house about 1500 sq ft
Vicinity of Bouffard Rd in Windsor
We would like an appointment with someone to look at foundation cracking and sinking at our home. We do not have a basement, only a crawlspace. We'd like your assessment, solutions and quote. thanks.
Vicinity of St. Clair Ave in Windsor
I have 3 or 4 cracks on the basement wall from outside (Raised Rench) need quote to fix this.
Vicinity of Jos. Janisse Ave. in Windsor
Water in basement. Crack in block foundation.
Vicinity of Ferndale Ave in Windsor
I moved into my home in July of this year. I believe my crawlspace needs some work done and need a quote for insulation, vapour barrier, perhaps new access doors for winter and summer. Thanks.
Vicinity of Clover Street in Windsor
Hello I have a small home with a crawl space the whole length and width of the home. My furnace is in the crawl space. I was wondering if you can give me a ball park of how much it would cost to insulate it, and the different methods used Thank you Nadia
Vicinity of Central in Windsor
Hello, I have a house with a crawl space and on the main floor the floors are slopping in the middle. I think that I would need to jack the beans up in the crawl space to make the floors level. Could you come out and give me a quote?
Vicinity of Todd Lane in Windsor
Garage is sinking and pulling away from the house. Crack in the living room wall. Some small cracks in the foundation.
Vicinity of Kildare Rd in Windsor
I'd like to have my home radon tested. I have no evidence to cause me concern, I simply want to be sure there is no radon problem.
Vicinity of Eastlawn Avenue in Windsor
I just purchased a house in Windsor and according to the inspection report it indicated to double up on the 2x4 jacks holding the new beams up on the new foundation. I never noticed the floor nor did my agent at the time of purchase notice the floor until a day or two later. It seems that the floor is sagging from the front of the house down to to the back and I first noticed it when I went to the front bedroom and walked towards the closet door. Could you please come out to inspect, it's a crawlspace, no basement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Westcott in Windsor
Electrical in crawl space wire hanging, joists need to be insulated and pipes, floor sagging, joist broken, not insulated, attic not properly insulated, wiring inside house not up to code, electrical by sink needs to be replaced and polarity is reversed, windows are not in right, and electrical baseboard is off the wall. would lie gas furnace and a/c, also water backs up into tub. 1st time home buyer and single
Vicinity of Cottage Pl in Windsor
Need an estimate to install sump pump
Vicinity of Cameron Ave. in Windsor
1. the front porch is sinking on one side. There are 2 support post and 1 is moving. 2.There are a few foundation cracks through out the house and outside. 3. The basement wall is crack and there is a wet area. Please take a look at my house before it falls down.
Vicinity of George Ave. in Windsor
I have an older one story frame house (wartime era?) with a crawl space. Currently there is no insulation or plastic on the ground. The house is only 875 square feet and I'm interested in getting the foundations spray foam insulated and a good grade plastic down. Is this something your company does? How would I go about getting an estimate.
Vicinity of Fuller Cres in Windsor
I have no project, I just like to test basement sump pump room for radon gas
Vicinity of Westminster Blvd. in Windsor
Need a battery backup sump pump and need it installed.
Vicinity of Wallace Ave. in Windsor
Radon Levels in basement. All this news lately is freaking us out. Need to have our house tested for radon levels
Vicinity of Curry Ave. in Windsor
I need to install a sump pump in my basement.
Vicinity of Windermere in Windsor
Looking to find out how much we need to save in order to do a basement waterproofing with sump pump installation.

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