Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Fixing Several Problems in a Crawl Space in Windsor, ON

Saturday, April 21st, 2018 by Ben Bates


A crawl space is a part of a home that can fall under the old expression, “out of sight, out of mind”. However, when problems inside the crawl space affect the enjoyment of a home, that is when homeowners most often reach out to us for help.

This home had sloping, bouncy floors, cracks in the drywall, sticking windows and doors as well as gaps between the ceiling and floors. The house had a musty odour which was not remedied by an attempt to seal the crawl space floors by laying down plastic. During the winter months, the floors were cold and drafty. 


After a thorough inspection, we created a plan to permanently solve this challenging crawl space.

Our team installed:

-         A new beam

-         SmartJack support jacks

-         A CleanSpace liner and vent covers, completely sealing the space from the outside environment

-         PolarFoam insulation, to help improve the comfort and efficiency of the home

-         A nearly maintenance free and very efficient dehumidifier which drains directly into the crawl space sump pump

Our products and services are designed to work together for a long-lasting solution. Now, these happy owners have taken care of the effects of an unhealthy crawl space; they can better enjoy their home. We are so pleased they chose Advanced Basement Systems!

Project Summary

Inspector: Tom

Foreman: Tim

About the author
Ben Bates lives in the Chatham-Kent area and has been involved in the basement, crawl space and foundation industry since 2008. He has a passion for improving homes the right way and knows what it takes to waterproof, encapsulate or stabilize homes in Ontario. He assists with over 900 projects per year.

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