Advanced Basement Systems Case Studies: Fixing a Bowing Wall in Kent County, ON

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 by Ben Bates


A foundation is one of the most important structural elements in a home, and when the foundation begins to fail, serious problems may soon follow.

Wall cracks are often the first sign of a failing foundation; particularly horizontal wall cracks. These cracks often occur as a result of immense pressure pushing in the basement wall. For a moment, imagine a giant pushing with all his might on the exterior of a wall… what’s likely to happen?

  1. Horizontal or step cracks
  2. The wall bows inward
  3.  The foundation fails

Once bowing walls are evident, the problem is already affecting the structural integrity of the home, including the walls, doors, windows and roof.

Cracks can creep up over time and might not be noticed until bowing begins. Unfortunately, a failing foundation cannot fix itself!

This home in Kent county showed evidence of long-term water damage occurring several feet up from the floor and on all exterior walls. Our inspector also noted the dangerous bowing on one foundation wall.


First, our team waterproofed all the exterior walls. The homeowners opted for ThermalDry® Basement Radiant Wall Barrier. This inorganic and waterproof system is perfect for unfinished basements. It reflects heat back into the home, improving energy efficiency, keeping the home more comfortable.

Our team also installed the TripleSafe Sump Pump System with a battery backup. This system is strong, reliable and provides valuable peace of mind.

We installed the PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System to stabilize the failing wall. The steel I-beams are secured to the joists above the wall with strong steel brackets. The system not only stabilizes the wall but can often be tightened to help return the wall to its original position. This effective system does not require any exterior disturbances and can be installed with minimal disruption to your basement space.

We were so pleased to help homeowners have safe and healthy homes. While our job is to fix problem basements, foundation and crawl spaces, for us, it is really about improving the lives of the people who live in the home.  

Project Summary

Inspector: Ben

Foreman: Justin

About the author
Ben Bates lives in the Chatham-Kent area and has been involved in the basement, crawl space and foundation industry since 2008. He has a passion for improving homes the right way and knows what it takes to waterproof, encapsulate or stabilize homes in Ontario. He assists with over 900 projects per year.

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