Advanced Basement Systems Case Studies: Sloping Floor Fix

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 by Ben Bates


It is quite common that many homeowners neglect their crawl spaces until the problems begin to affect the enjoyment of their home. These homeowners in Lambton County reached out to Advanced Basement Systems as the home was showing significant problems relating to inadequate supports in their crawl space. They saw signs such as:

-        Sagging, unlevel, sloping, “bouncy” or soft feeling floors

-        Fractured floor tiles

-        Gaps in between the floors and walls or walls and ceilings

-        Sticking windows and doors

-        Cracked drywall

Upon inspection, it was apparent that this home lacked the necessary support. We noted three factors which caused the damage to the home:

-        Improperly spaced support columns in the crawl space.

-        The support columns settled into the ground and shims were used in an attempt to fix the problem.

-        The beam was inadequate to support the weight of the home, and it was failing.


-        We replaced the failing beam with a 3-ply beam.

-        Disposed of the unused supports.

-        Installed our heavy duty SmartJack® Crawl Space Stabilizer – which works wonderfully, even in tight crawl spaces such as this one. This crawl space support system is unique as it is made from strong, corrosion-resistant, galvanised steel. Because the system will not rust, it will remain adjustable for years, should the need to perform future adjustments occur.

Furthermore, these homeowners decided to take a proactive stance on the health of their crawl space and their home and chose to encapsulate the crawl space to prevent future damage from moisture and humidity; effectively sealing it off from the outside environment. We also:

-        Removed the mould from the wood structures in the crawl space.

-        Sealed the rim joists and the vapour barrier with spray foam insulation.

Now, these homeowners enjoy a healthy and structurally sound home with reduced humidity, no musty smells and lower energy costs.

If you would like to learn more about crawl space repairs, please call us at 1-866-277-1277 or submit your information online to arrange for a complimentary inspection.  

Project Summary

Inspector: Tom

Foreman: Paul

About the author
Ben Bates lives in the Chatham-Kent area and has been involved in the basement, crawl space and foundation industry since 2008. He has a passion for improving homes the right way and knows what it takes to waterproof, encapsulate or stabilize homes in Ontario. He assists with over 900 projects per year.

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