Advanced Basement Systems Case Studies: The Need for a Crawl Space Sump

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 by Ben Bates


Some homes are simply more prone to having wet and muddy crawl spaces which can be the result of many factors:

-        High water table

-        Located near a natural spring

-        Improper grading around the home

-        Downspouts are draining too close to the home

-        Clogged or damaged weeping tiles

While it’s always best to fix the cause of the problem, often it’s simply beyond the control of the homeowner.

A wet crawl space can wreak havoc on a home: damaging the structure, causing mould growth and allergens to flourish as well as unnecessary heating and cooling costs. In situations where a crawl space is naturally wet, our products work together for a permanent solution (with regular maintenance of course!) and our crawl space sump pump system is often recommended.  


We installed the SmartSump™ Crawl Space Sump Pump System – a sump pump specifically designed for crawl space. A fantastic feature is that any water from a plumbing leak must first pass by a built-in alarm in the system, and will then drain down into the sump. The alarm will sound so you know you have a plumbing problem in your crawl space!

We completely encapsulated the crawl space, including the supports with our super heavy-duty CleanSpace vapour barrier.  

Because this home has a naturally wet crawl space, we also installed our SaniDry™ Sedona Dehumidifier. The SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier is the world's most efficient, high-performance dehumidifier - it drains automatically into the newly installed sump pump system and has a humidity sensor that monitors the air, so once it's installed, there's nothing else to do (but yearly maintenance of course!). 

Project Summary

Inspector: Tom

Foreman: Paul

About the author
Ben Bates lives in the Chatham-Kent area and has been involved in the basement, crawl space and foundation industry since 2008. He has a passion for improving homes the right way and knows what it takes to waterproof, encapsulate or stabilize homes in Ontario. He assists with over 900 projects per year.

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