Job review from in Tilbury, ON N0P 2L0 on 08/29/14

Overall Rating:

4.8  out of 5

Our basement was problem from cracks in a covered

Up wall, to water seeping in. So humid we ran 2 dehumidifiers and the old sump system was running

All the time. Ben assured us this system would help.

We needed structure repair, drain tile, a basement wrap for the walls and a Sani-dry basement system. Ouch!

We needed to secure our investment in our home.

Although we were nervous, Ben assured us we would not be disappointed. It was an extensive job.

They started the job quickly, I was was in doubt when

Ben said it would only take 4 or 5 days.

We cleared them a four foot area for them to work.

Justin and his crew can in and waisted no time. They we hammering out the cement. In the dark corners and under crunchy stairs. Such big men and tiny spaces.

The perimeter of 2000 sq. ft. Was chiseled out, clean out and put on their truck. Amazing. They lined the walls

Put up steel, placed the amazing track into the floor. (Put 2 sump systems in (love the little clean outs) each night they cleaned up after them selves. I was so surprised when they said they were done and it was time to learn about my sani-dry basement system. It took them 4 1/2 days.

From using 2 dehumidifiers and a single sump system that never stopped still having humid cold large basement. To having a compete basement system that hardly uses one sump and an occasional second on the east end of the house. We have used less electricity this past month that ever before. I sleep at night. There are no leaks and the basement walls are straight.

The carpet is down and all is dry. We now have a steady 70 degrees in the summer. We will see what the winter does.

My only question is, where did all the water go?

Awesome system. I would highly recommend to all basement owners, problems or no problems. That sani- dry system is great and it works.

For all you happy basement people out there. Keep advanced basement systems phone number, with all the weather changes you may need it in a flood.

Our Overall Service
From A to Z with all the dots dotted.
Call Representative
Ben took all the time we needed to understand the job and work that should be done.
Our Office Staff
They listen and direct you as if you were talking to family.
Sales Process
Ben is like the Doctor of his field. He knows what his job, as well as the alternatives. Very informative, polite and really didn't hurry away after the contract was signed. He answered all our questions, professionally and friendly.
Our Installation Crew
Oh my, from the minute they got to the house, laying out the plastic to keep things clean to a well oiled machine. They work together.
The Cleanup Process
They cleaned up the floor and dusted everything they could. We have a very large basement. Approx. 2000 sq. ft. We moved everything to the internal walls. They worked in a 4 ft. Wide area with jack hammers, crawling under stairs. I can't say there was no dust but they cleaned out all the cement and dusted up after themselves. I was very impressed.

What made you choose our company:

My basement - and a search that gave only positive reviews

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