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Basement Repairs in London, ON

Challenge: These London homeowners thought they could seal the issue on their own until they recently noticed they were not properly filled and have been letting moisture in behind the drywall.

Solution: We installed our interior waterproofing system with our in-floor drain, moving any seeping water in the sump pump. We provided these homeowners with a peace of mind by installing our TripleSafe sump pump systems, with three levels of protection, these homeowners are ready for the heaviest rainfall. Finally, our team installed our full height, ThermalDry wall barrier to help reflect heat back into their dry space. 

A Healthy and Dry Basement in London, ON

Problem:  This older home showed evidence of water penetrating an unfinished basement. The problem has likely been occurring for years. The conditions in a wet basement or crawl space affects an entire home.

To understand this, let’s first look at how air circulates in a home.

-         If there is water penetration in your basement or crawlspace, it increases the humidity level in your home.

-         The lower areas of your home are cooler, and when this humid air warms (when it comes in contact with your heating system and floors, for example).

-         This air rises throughout your home and escapes through the roof.

-         More air is drawn in from the outside and up from the lower levels as air vents into the upper levels.

This airflow in your home is known as the ‘stack effect’.

The continual high moisture level in your home due to your wet basement or crawlspace is the ideal breeding ground for mould and allergens (such as dust mites). We know from the stack effect that this problematic air is circulating throughout your home.

This moist air not only affects your family’s health; it also affects the structural integrity of your home, energy costs, resale value and the overall enjoyment of your home.

Solution: Our products work together to give this homeowner a permanently dry basement:

-         Perimeter drain – to direct water into the newly installed and superior;

-         Triple Safe Sump Pump

-         Moisture levels are kept in check with the extremely efficient, quiet and hassle-free Sani-Dry Sedona Dehumidifier

-         The inorganic BrightWall Panels not only look great, but they are made of mould and mildew resistant, organic-free material

Now these homeowners are enjoying a healthier home and a clean & dry basement!

Inspector:  Rick

Foreman: Justin

Foundation Crack Repair in London, ONT

Porblem: Cracks coming off windows in poured foundations are a headache. Most solutions harden over time, crack and then fail as the foundation goes through freeze/thaw cycles. 

Solution: Our solution stays flexible to move with the foundation. it allows the water to be controlled. 

Inspector: Tom

Repair Tech: Trevor

Historic Home Basement Fix in London, ON

Problem:  This historic home with a brick foundation in London had water entering the basement for decades. The basement was always very humid, damp and musty; the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth.

Solution: We installed a perimeter drain along the leaking walls which will move water into the home’s existing drainage system. To help keep the basement area comfortable and dry, our team installed ThermalDry® Basement Radiant Wall Barrier.

Inspector:  Rick

Foreman: Justin

Basement Wall Restoration London, ON

Problem:  This drywall had some water damage. Drywall is made of organic material, which means it can rot and grow mould when exposed to moisture and water- which can be likely within a basement environment! The studs that hold the drywall up are made of wood, which can also rot. When this happens, a musty odour is noticed. 

Solution: Our Everlast Wall Restoration System is completely inorganic! We also use metal studs. The chair rail and baseboard are made of PVC. The wall panels themselves are made of a concrete board with a textured vinyl finish that never needs to be painted! 

Inspector: Adam

Foreman: Justin

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